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Harness the power of big data with our big data consulting services. With deep expertise in handling the challenges associated with big data and proficiency in advanced tools and technologies, such as distributed computing frameworks, data lakes, and cloud platforms, our experts can effortlessly handle the scale and complexity of big data, enabling businesses to derive value from their large and complex datasets.

Big Data Consulting
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Our Big Data Consulting Services

Big Data Strategy Development

Big Data Strategy Development

We work with clients to develop a comprehensive data strategy aligned with their business goals. This involves assessing their data needs, identifying data sources, defining data governance policies, and establishing data management frameworks.

Big Data Architecture Design

Big Data Architecture Design

Our big data experts assist in designing scalable and efficient data architectures to handle the storage, processing, and analysis of your big data. This includes selecting appropriate database technologies, data lakes, data warehouses, and integration frameworks to support your organization’s data ecosystem.

Data Integration and ETL

Data Integration and ETL

We streamline the process of extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from diverse sources into a unified format for analysis. We design and implement data integration pipelines, ensuring data quality, consistency, and efficient data movement.

Data Governance and Security

Data Governance and Security

Our big data experts help organizations establish robust data governance frameworks to ensure data integrity, privacy, and compliance. They assist in defining data access controls, data classification, data lineage, and data retention policies to safeguard sensitive information.

Data Visualization and Reporting

Data Visualization and Reporting

Our big data experts help organizations in data preparation, selecting suitable visualization techniques, and developing scalable solutions. By collaborating with data visualization specialists and domain experts, they help build visually compelling and interactive reporting systems that unlock the potential of big data for organizations.

ML and Analytics Algorithms

Implementing ML and Analytics Algorithms

Our big data experts utilize their specialized knowledge and skills to implement machine learning and data analytics algorithms and models within data processing pipelines. This involves tasks such as selecting appropriate algorithms, configuring them to work with the specific dataset and problem at hand, training the models using the available data, and applying them to generate actionable insights.

Our Big Data Consultants Have Expertise In

Data Management

Data Management

Our big data experts are proficient in data acquisition, data cleansing, data integration, and data storage techniques. They are skilled at handling and processing diverse data formats and structures.

Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing

Big data often requires distributed computing frameworks like Apache Hadoop or Apache Spark. Our experts leverage their knowledge of these frameworks to design and implement scalable data processing systems.

Data Processing

Data Processing

With expertise in data preprocessing, including data cleaning, transformation, and feature engineering, our big data experts ensure your data is meticulously prepared and optimized for analysis and modeling purposes.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Our big data experts should possess expertise in various machine learning algorithms and techniques, including supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, ensemble methods, and dimensionality reduction.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Our team of big data experts effectively communicates insights from big data through visualizations. With knowledge of data visualization tools and techniques, they are able to present complex data in a meaningful and interpretable way.

Big Data Platforms

Big Data Platforms

Our experts are familiar with popular big data platforms like Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). They know how to leverage these platforms for efficient data processing and analysis.

Data Security and Privacy

Data Security and Privacy

Our big data experts are proficient in the techniques and best practices for ensuring data protection, regulatory compliance, and data governance management.

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Our team possesses the skills necessary to optimize the performance of big data systems, including tuning algorithms, optimizing data storage and retrieval, and improving overall system efficiency.

Industry Verticals We Serve



Healthcare providers can enhance patient outcomes, reduce costs, and increase operational efficiency by analyzing large volumes of patient data. We also help improve business operations with our robust AI solutions designed for automating big data analysis.



With our big data analytics expertise, financial service companies can gain insights into customer behavior, fraud detection, risk management, and more. They can use these insights to make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving business landscape.



With our big data analytics expertise, retailers can improve supply chain management, understand customer preferences, and optimize pricing and promotions. With our years of AI and big data expertise, we help retail businesses with custom AL/ML solutions designed to simplify their internal and customer-facing operations.



Big data analytics help manufacturing businesses improve quality control, optimize production processes, and reduce downtime. Our big data consulting services are aimed at helping manufacturing companies leverage data insights to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

AI Models We Have Expertise In

Our Big Data Solutions Development Tech Stack

Data Storage

SQL databases
NoSQL databases
Data lakes
Amazon S3

Data Processing and Preparation


ML Libraries and Frameworks


DevOps Tools


Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

Visualization Tools


Monitoring and Tracking Tools


Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Machinery Trouble shooting using AI
AI-powered App

LLM-powered Application for Safer Machinery Troubleshooting

LeewayHertz collaborated with a top-tier Fortune 500 manufacturing company to develop an innovative LLM-powered machinery troubleshooting application. This innovative solution streamlines machinery maintenance, elevates safety protocol adherence and mitigates operational risks of the firm. By seamlessly integrating static machinery data and dynamic safety policies, the application provides quick access to relevant information for troubleshooting issues while also enhancing safety with clear and detailed instructions on equipment handling.

Generative AI Application

Generative AI Application

LLM-powered App for Compliance and Security Access

LeewayHertz has partnered with Scrut to engineer an LLM-powered app designed to streamline access to compliance benchmarks, frameworks, and audit-relevant data for Scrut's clientele. Drawing on Scrut's proprietary data, our team utilized advanced embedding and prompt engineering techniques to seamlessly incorporate an LLM, yielding rapid query responses and upgraded user experiences. This initiative has equipped Scrut's clients with a robust tool, fostering informed decision-making and providing clear insight into industry benchmarks as well as Scrut’s risk monitoring and mitigation strategies and services.
Generative AI Application
Geospatial Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Geospatial Data Analysis

A US-based geospatial intelligence and analytics firm sought LeewayHertz’s expertise to tackle a complex dataset with limited identifiers, aiming to derive valuable insights, identify patterns, spot unusual movements, and ensure data security. Our solution involved deploying a sophisticated data analysis pipeline, encompassing timestamp conversion, geocoding for contextual enrichment, clustering for pattern recognition, correlation analysis, and anomaly detection. Beyond unveiling intricate location-based patterns, our approach prioritized robust data security, resulting in the delivery of actionable intelligence that precisely met our client's objectives.
GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

Generative AI Solution

GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

A GenAI-based clinical decision support system tailored for an esteemed healthcare organization that analyzes diverse patient data using advanced algorithms and NLP to provide healthcare professionals with swift and accurate disease diagnoses. The platform’s user-friendly interface optimizes the diagnostic workflow, offering evidence-driven insights and comprehensive reports that include discussions, testing guidance, therapy recommendations, specialist referrals, and patient education. This solution ultimately elevates patient care through the seamless integration of generative AI, fostering efficiency, precision, and innovation in healthcare delivery.
GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

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Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

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How can LeewayHertz help organizations develop data strategy?

We help organizations trapped in the complexities of data to create a comprehensive data strategy that aligns with their business objectives. This involves conducting an assessment of the organization’s data needs, identifying relevant data sources, defining data governance policies, and establishing data management frameworks. By partnering with our experts, data-driven businesses can ensure that their data strategy is well-defined, actionable, and tailored to their specific requirements.

How can we get started with your big data consulting services?

To get started with our big data consulting services, reach out to us and schedule a consultation. Our expert team will assess your needs and develop a tailored approach to address your big data challenges. We will work closely with you to define project scopes, timelines, and deliverables to ensure a successful engagement.

How does LeewayHertz address data governance and security concerns associated with big data services?

We help organizations establish robust data governance frameworks to ensure data integrity, privacy, and compliance. We assist in defining data access controls, classification, lineage, and retention policies to safeguard sensitive information. Our big data analysts help mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance by implementing best practices and leveraging security technologies.

What kind of data can your team handle?

Our big data analysts and consultants have experience working with structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources, including spreadsheets, APIs, and even raw web data. We can handle data available in a wide range of formats, including text, images, video, and audio.

Can LeewayHertz help us leverage machine learning and analytics?

Can LeewayHertz help us leverage machine learning and analytics? Absolutely! LeewayHertz’s big data experts are specialized in machine learning and analytics knowledge. They can assist in implementing machine learning algorithms and models within data processing pipelines. Our consultants help select appropriate algorithms, configure them for your specific dataset and problem, train the models, and apply them to generate actionable insights. This empowers your organization to unlock the potential of your big data for advanced analytics and decision-making.

How do you determine the right ML algorithm for a given project?

Our big data analysts will work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals and the specifics of your data. Based on this information, we can recommend an appropriate ML algorithm or a combination of different algorithms to yield the best results for your project.