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We help you attain reliable support to connect your smart contract on the blockchain network with third-party real-world applications using the Chainlink platform.

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Building Connected Smart Contracts with Chainlink

Stellar Blockchain

Price Feeds Integration

Using Chainlink, we can help you connect your smart contracts to price data, including the latest price and historical price information.


Verifiable Randomness Integration

If your smart contracts need to generate a random number, we can help you build reliable smart contracts with chainlink’s verifiable random function.


Third-party API Integration

Using Chainlink’s services, we can also assist you in connecting your smart contracts with any external API you want to access.

Features of Chainlink

Transparent Oracle Computation

Chainlink enables monitoring and verification of open-source code, oracle networks and the quality of node operators.

Seamless API Connection

The platform can retrieve data from any API, connect with existing systems and integrate with any blockchain platform.

Tamper-proof Network

Chainlink uses decentralization, trusted nodes and cryptographic proofs to connect accurate and available API/data to any smart contract.


itf Success Story


We have built a comprehensive blockchain software solution for the management of shipments to provide freight visibility to every stakeholder, including customers/shippers, brokers, carriers, and drivers.

Supplychain Blockchain Development


We have successfully built a web-based application on blockchain for TraceRx. TraceRx is a Platform for Tracing the Shipment of Drugs. It allows the UNO to trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses.

Peer to Peer Blockchain Development


We have built a decentralized lending marketplace, Lend Money that enables borrowers to deal directly with lenders. By developing a transparent decentralized platform, we eliminated too many intermediaries including brokers, auditors, and loan managers.

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Dedicated Development Team

Our team of developers is highly qualified and dedicated to delivering quality development services to clients.

Team Extension

Our team extension model is intended to help clients who want to extend their team with the right expertise required for their project.

Project-based Model

Our project-based model and software development specialists are there for customer collaboration and specific client project engagement. 

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