Covid-19 Technology Solutions

We are designing and developing Covid-19 technology solutions to help prevent, mitigate and contain the COVID-19 outbreak with startups, NGOs and enterprises. We are using Machine Learning, Computer Vision and connected devices to build platforms and applications that can help the government, healthcare organizations and individuals fight the pandemic. 

Technology Solutions to help Covid-19 Outbreak

Countries around the world are working to fight the virus and mitigate the risk. Businesses are finding technology solutions to maintain the business continuity and digitally transform organizations to be prepare for the new normal. LeewayHertz has solutions and services to help governments and enterprises.

AI-Based Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection using AI

Using computer vision, Face Mask Detection System can detect people without masks. It uses existing IP cameras to monitor individuals and identify if they are not wearing a mask. It can be used in Hospitals, Office, Quarantine Facilities to ensure that people are taking required actions to prevent COVID-19 infection. 

  • Facial recognition to identify individuals without mask
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Work on the existing CCTV and IP cameras

Human Presence Detection System

Human Presence System is designed to monitor patients remotely. It uses IP cameras and AI to track patients and report any missing people. The system is helpful in contact tracing and identifying the infected person movement.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Missing People Report
  • Quarantined People location tracking
AI-based Presence System

Telemedicine Solution for healthcare institutes

Doctors, patients and pharmacists can use the telemedicine application for connecting with patients remotely. Patients can consult doctors via video. By connecting patients with doctors online, it reduces the spread of the virus to mass populations. Doctors can order the prescription on behalf of the patient to avoid mishandling of the prescription.   

  • Doctor calendar scheduling 
  • Consultation using Video calling 
  • Prescription handling


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