dApp Development

Developing peer to peer Decentralised Application

Our dApp Services

Our dApp developers create products that are not only beautifully designed, they are tailored to solve problems and gain a dedicated user base. We have a history of building products that get media attention.

Smart Contracts

Our smart contract services includes writing, testing and deploying contracts on various platforms like Ethereum, Neo and others. We help our clients choose the right platform that fit their business model.

Decentralized Storage

There are several decentralized cloud storage platforms that supports peer-to-peer transactions and provide the most secure, private and efficient cloud storage. We identify and choose the right platform for the projects.

User Interface

We adopt the most structured user interface designing processes right from ideation, wireframing, designing and developing the product. We have a proven track record of creating award winning and extremely user friendly apps for our clients, and have delivered over 450 apps since 2007.

Cloud Services

We help our clients helps encapsulate Dapps as microservices that are externalized by APIs. Our microservices will let you focus on single business capability. We will provide the cloud data store for each microservice.

The dApp Architecture

Our dApp Portfolio

dApp for Identity Management

EarthID is a decentralized “Identity Management System” on the blockchain that will be used for online or offline authentication processes. Earth ID eliminates the need of different identity methods and instead uses only ONE universal way of identification. The system which is secured, reliable and can only be controlled and modified by the owner.

dApp for Product Exchange

Xchange is a barter system dApp developed on blockchain. Xchange app is one of the biggest and revolutionary ideas in the shared economy on the blockchain platform. The app enables users to get in touch with various renters and exchange products using XCH tokens.

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