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Built by a team of Google and Apple engineering leaders, LeeewayHertz vets for a Silicon Valley Standard.

About LeewayHertz

Founded by Akash Takyar who has experience working in big firms in Silicon Valley, LeewayHertz has designed and delivered 100+ digital platforms to startups and enterprise which are now being used by millions of users worldwide. Our goal is to help companies implement new technologies and simplify complex issues that arise during technology evolution.

 How does it work?

9+ Hours Screening Process

Our screening process is more rigorous than Silicon Valley’s Job Interviews. We select people with excellent technical and communication skills who can take ownership of projects without micromanagement.

Custom Matching

When you share your specific requirements and needs, we custom match with the best developer who can meet your project’s needs and allow you to interview their skills.

Get started

Once you shortlist the developer for your project, we start working on your project and collaborate with your team to give you visibility over what they are working on.

Expertise in Emerging Technologies

We have experienced and multi-talented developers who have expertise in emerging technologies, including Blockchain, IoT and Cloud Computing.

Pay as you go

We allow you to pay as you go and scale the development team effortlessly. There is no hidden or additional payment; you have to pay only for the developers you want to hire.

Match your timezone

We select developers that match your timezone and ensure that they overlap a minimum of 5 hours with your workdays. Our remote developers dedicatedly work on your project and have to be available in your timezone.

Complete Transparency

We use software and tools that ensure automatic time tracking and virtual daily standups. We offer complete transparency into our remote developers’ work than even your local developers.

Cloud-based Integrated Development Environment

Our developers use cloud-based IDE that allows them to write, run and debug code just within a browser and enables companies to track developers’ inputs in real-time.

Technology Stack We Excel In

Front-end AngularJS JavaScriptReactBootstrapVue
Back-end nodejspythonExpressJSJavaspring
Project Management JiraConfluenceasanaTrello
Mobile App Development SwiftionicReactFlutterXcode Full Stack Developer tool
Database  MySQL Full StackORACLE Full stack toolmongoDB
Servers amazon web services Google cloud Microsoft Azure
DevOps KubernetesJenkinsCHEFMaven
LeewayHertz Clients
LeewayHertz Clients

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