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Streamlining our technology expertise with your ideas to build enterprise-grade solutions. After adopting blockchain in early 2017, we have successfully deployed and delivered 4 Hyperledger Sawtooth Enterprise Solutions.
Build a scalable and robust system with Hyperledger Sawtooth
Sawtooth supports separate permissioning, i.e there is no centralized service which can reveal the confidential information.
Parallel Transaction Processing

Parallel Transaction Processing

Our Hyperledger Sawtooth Development Experts have deployed solutions with 10k transactions per second per node with Parallel transaction processing.

Ethereum Contract Compatibility

Sawtooth has an integration project with Ethereum, Seth which helps in deploying the EVM smart contracts.

Multi-language SDK support

It allows the development of blockchain application by separating the core system from the application domain which makes it multilanguage SDK supported.

Dynamic Consensus

Only Hyperledger Sawtooth gives you the choice to change the consensus after the blockchain network has been created. The consensus algorithm can be changed on a running blockchain with a transaction or two.
Architecture of Hyperledger Sawtooth Node
Hyperledger Sawtooth
Components of Sawtooth Network
The hyperledger sawtooth node is a participant in sawtooth network. With its rest API, validator and the consensus engine, sawtooth nodes hold responsibility for changing the state of the blockchain.

Rest API

Rest API is the medium for the interaction of the client with the validator. Sawtooth has a pragmatic RESTful API which provides language independence interface for submitting transactions and reading blocks.


It validates all the transaction, communicates between the client and the other validators, and the transaction processors. 

Transaction Processor

They are smart contracts which act as the administrative head for the data. By controlling all the business logic and validations, it submits the transactions with some payload.
Consensus Engine

Consensus Engine

Consensus Engine enables more consensus options for Sawtooth node to executes all the transactions within the smart contracts.
Hyperledger Sawtooth Transaction Families
The transaction families contain the business logics allowed on the blockchain, which manages the transaction language of the application. In Sawtooth. the transaction families act as the separation layer between the content and the transaction rules.

Integer Key

Tests deployed ledgers on the sawtooth


Responsible for storing on-chain configuration settings 


Holds on-chain permissioning of public keys to streamline managing identities for transactor and validator.

Hyperledger Sawtooth Consensus Algorithms


Sawtooth Proof of Elapsed Time selects peers with the smallest sample rate. Using a trusted execution environment, identity verification and blacklisting based on asymmetric key cryptography, and an additional set of election policies collision is prevented.


Sawtooth Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance is a voting-based consensus algorithm that provides Byzantine fault tolerance with finality which works with four or more nodes.


This leader-based consensus algorithm provides crash fault tolerance for a small network with restricted membership.
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Electronic Signature Platform

Weesign is our live blockchain solution which is an electronic signature platform. It is built upon the latest Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger technology to protect against cyber attacks.



Blockchain-based Pharma Supply Chain Solution

Built on the top of Hyperledger Sawtooth, this supply chain platform provides end to end transparency and reduces the cost of distribution. TraceRx went live in 2018.

Only an Experienced Blockchain Consultant will guide you through your use case with Hyperledger Sawtooth.
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