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ICO Marketing

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Mobius is the protocol for connecting consumer applications and high-fidelity oracles to the blockchain economy. They have the dApp store which provides easy access to crypto- commerce.

LeewayHertz has managed the end to end ICO launch for Mobius. LeewayHertz has helped in raising a $39M in the token sales.


Patron is the sharing economy for influencers utilizing Blockchain Technology which tokenize the influencer social media.

LeewayHertz has done the end to end ICO launch for Patron, starting with Token creation, community management, and marketing, LeewayHertz has helped them to raise a total of $40M.



We are a full-service agency that plans, designs, develops and markets Cryptocurrency.

Our expertise is in blockchain implementation, investor outreach and ICO launches. We work with brands like Hershey's and ESPN. Our team of financial analysts also has experience working with the largest US companies.

Successfully raised over $20M for our clients and still counting

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