The Complete Guide to a Successful ICO Marketing Strategy

With the growth of the decentralized market, ICO era is also rising rapidly. Start-ups, as well as established businesses around the world, are paying interest in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) to raise funds by trading their coin for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Ripple.

Before you plan to launch an ICO, you should understand what all is required to get a good position in the ICO market.

An ICO’s success depends on a well-structured marketing strategy as it enables businesses to outreach a potential market.

ICO marketing needs to be a multi-pronged strategy as you want to influence people to invest in your ICO. It is not possible to raise funds until the ICO market is aware of your project.

What you should know before planning a marketing strategy

Firstly, you should understand if the project is understandable to the targeted audience or not. The content you have written to represent your ICO is a key to the successful marketing approach.

Consider the following questions to ensure that you are going in the right direction:

  • What is the problem your project going to solve?
  • What is the pain this problem is creating?
  • Who will be benefited from your project?
  • How unique is your solution?
  • Who are your competitors in the market?

Once you can identify the right audience, problems they are facing, and how your solution would address the pain points, you can create a compelling marketing strategy as a gateway to the ICO market.

After understanding how to create a profit-driven marketing plan, know what all you need for a successful ICO Marketing Strategy.

Read further to know how to prepare the end-to-end marketing strategy which can help you launch ICO seamlessly.

Here are the ICO marketing essentials that every ICO Marketer should know:

1. Marketing Collaterals

Once the strategy begins to take form, focus on gathering vital collaterals for a successful marketing plan. Like any software development process where you gather business requirements, you need an entire suite of integrated marketing materials.

Here’s a list of marketing collaterals you should have:

  • ICO Whitepaper
  • ICO Website
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Pitch Decks
  • A demo video

While collecting the marketing collaterals, ensure if they all fit into a well-structured marketing strategy for a successful ICO launch.

If you have already drafted a whitepaper and launched an ICO website, emphasize on branding your project on social media networks.

2. Social Media Marketing

Branding an ICO project is a key to entering the ICO market successfully. Creating accounts on the social media channels indicate that you are open to interacting with the audience.

Promoting your ICO across these channels enhances brand recognition and reassures investors.

You should have profiles on the following social media networks to market your ICO:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

After the social media profiles are created, start posting updates of your project across social media channels to drive user engagement.

Once you spread awareness among people on social media, it is time to build a community and outreach to a broader audience.

3. Community Building using Whitelisting

The success of ICO is not only measured by the number of tokens sold, but also by the size and spirit of the community you build throughout the ICO marketing process.

You can utilize whitelisting campaign while creating a community. A whitelisting campaign can help you build a circle of members who are interested in an ICO, prepare an email base, and generate awareness.

Remember, the audience is not at all defined by its number; instead, by the number of potential investors.

Read further to understand how can an ICO whitelist be created.

Creating an ICO Whitelist 

An ICO Whitelist depends on the approach- “first come, first serve.”

As people start signing up on your marketing website, they get a chronological position in the whitelist.

Otherwise, a proof-of-caring stake can also be utilized which states that the position in the queue is examined by the contributions done to build a community. It can be said that a user with the first position has contributed a lot to your project.

No matter if the whitelist is full, there is still an opportunity to get a position on the whitelist by making contributions like:

  • Referrals to the whitelist
  • Posts in groups and forums
  • Github contributors
  • Sharing social posts
  • Guest blogging

After you build a community through whitelisting, you should have a valuable content which influences the audience to invest in your project.

4. Content Marketing

Content is a powerful tool for every marketer. Creating, implementing, and executing an exhaustive content marketing strategy is essential to be an excellent player in the ICO market.

Valuable content defines the way your project is recognized and examines the potential of your message.

When it comes to marketing an ICO project, you may have to create content in the following forms:

  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Press Releases
  • Podcasts

The plethora of high-value content determines the interaction level of your project with the audience.

Every piece of content should be tailored according to a specific audience you are willing to target. Crafting your content strategy in this way can help you reach the targeted audience within a short span of time.

Therefore, you should focus on planning, structuring, and publishing of the content as it can maximize the reach of an ICO across the marketplace.

5. Promotion on Crypto Communities and other Social Networks

Cryptocurrency communities are incredibly knowledgeable which can either make or break an ICO. Therefore, gaining the trust of communities should be a priority for marketers.

Though you might come across a vast amount of channels for marketing ICOs, some of the popular communities for ICO promotion are:

Make sure to keep the audience updated and discuss your project on the above crypto communities.

6. Paid Campaign Management

Running paid ICO ads is another significant way of enhancing the visibility and raising awareness to an ICO.

Paying for the promotion of your project can help you reach potential and larger audience base.

Though paid campaigns for an ICO has no fixed costs, you have to decide how much time and money should be invested in the promotion of ICO on all possible platforms.

While you may get the significant outcomes from a low budget, there is a need to ensure that the content is compelling enough to entice the audience. Include a high-quality striking image or video which can attract the investors and generate high exposure.

Specialized ad networks have been designed to run paid advertisements for ICOs and cryptocurrencies.

Here are some of the Specialized Crypto Ad Networks  


7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a conventional marketing technique to reach a broader audience and build a lasting relationship with clients.

Because not all email service providers allow you to send emails related to ICOs or cryptocurrencies, find out the right email marketing platform for sending emails.

While running an email marketing campaign, you should never ignore the impact of a highly engaged email list. A list of potential investors can help you engage the right audience.

An ICO marketing firm can provide you its own opted-in email list to generate maximum ROI.

8. Bounty Campaigns

Bounty campaign is another powerful approach to generate awareness and hype around your ICO in the market. As an ICO startup, you can offer bounties or rewards to individuals for performing tasks like:

  • Promoting posts on social media.
  • Sharing the whitepaper on different social media networks.
  • Writing and sharing a blog for your project.
  • Reporting bugs within your website.

Running bounty campaigns will not only help you raise funds, but also enhance media exposure, attract influencer’s attention, and expand your geographic reach.

9. PR

Being featured in leading publications can bring credibility to your ICO. More media coverage you will accumulate, the more perceived your project will look.

Press Releases (PRs) should be written in a professional language and address what your project is all about. You need to have impressive and valuable content to publish it on the top PR sites.

Though you can find some free sites available for publishing PR, you should buy a premium package to post it on leading PR sites.

Here are some of the top PR websites where you can publish press releases for your ICO:

10. Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is a way to offer a cost-effective solution for promoting innovative ideas and gaining visibility.

In this type of marketing, advertisers and marketing companies are paid for driving traffic to sites which offer incentives on completion of the desired actions like lead, sale, or click.

Performance marketing is beneficial for both website owners and marketers. Website owners benefit from increased traffic to the website, while marketers are rewarded for their marketing efforts.


Marketing an ICO is not an easy process. A marketer needs to build a well-structured marketing plan to launch ICO without any failures. If you have no idea about marketing, prefer hiring ICO marketing services provider who can help you promote ICO extensively.

At LeewayHertz, we have a team of ICO marketing experts who can assure you to lead the ICO market with best-in-class ICO marketing services.

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