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LeewayHertz releases software development kits for the XDC Network

LeewayHertz, a San Francisco-based blockchain development firm, in collaboration with the XDC Foundation, has recently developed and released multiplatform software development kits (SDKs) for the XDC Network. The newly launched iOS, Java, .Net, Go, and Android SDKs enable developers to build applications that easily incorporate XRC tokens and smart contracts.

Deepak Shokeen, the Chief Technical Officer at LeewayHertz, said, “We understand the value proposition of building on XDC Network. We recommend XDC Network to enterprises looking to build blockchain-based technology solutions. With the release of these SDKs, we also prove our expertise and continued commitment to building powerful dApps and developing blockchain ecosystems. The SDKs launch will allow global blockchain developers to perform critical computations on the XDC Network conveniently, through innovative, user-friendly tools.”

The SDKs developed by LeewayHertz allow developers to add XRC tokens to their new or existing applications. They further enable the XDC Foundation to open up its decentralized finance and blockchain ecosystem to brand new marketplaces.

The iOS, Java, Android, .Net and Go downloadable software packages contain all the necessary tools required to develop decentralized applications on the XDC Network. The SDKs also provide documentation explaining the entire development process and examples to support rapid integration among platform-specific applications and the XDC Network.

The SDKs suite is beneficial to businesses seeking to leverage blockchain technology and to blockchain developers seeking to migrate to the XDC ecosystem from other EVM compatible networks. Using these newly launched SDKs, developers can bring advanced blockchain functionalities including NFTs, DeFi and smart contracts to their applications. Under the hood, these robust SDK suites enable developers to obtain the benefits of near-zero gas fees and two-second transaction time on the XDC Network without requiring expert knowledge in blockchain engineering.

About LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz, headquartered in San Francisco, is a blockchain development and consulting firm with diverse experience in blockchain ecosystem development. With the motto of “You dream it; We build it.”, LeewayHertz has catered to various industries globally. The company’s vision is to make dApp development convenient, cost-effective and scalable by incorporating robust tools and SDKs. With years of diverse experience and gained expertise, the team commits to providing clients with quality blockchain development services.


This press release is originally published in Digital Journal.



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