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Deployment of DLT to build the new operating system for financial services
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Why Corda?

Designed specifically for the financial sector, Corda is an open-source distributed ledger platform. Used to build applications for financial companies, it is a permissioned private network. Corda is helpful in removing costly friction in business transactions to allow businesses to transact directly.

With the help of blockchain technology and smart contract, Corda can be able to cut down on the record-keeping costs while streamlining business operations. Because Corda purely focuses on the domain of finance, its architecture is quite simpler than that of Fabric or Ethereum. Unlike other transactions in the blockchain, the transactions in Corda are made privately.


By making use of Consensus Time Stamping, Hashgraph ensures that no one can control the order of transactions


Based on the Bank-Grade Security, Hashgraph offers great security by ruling out bad actors from preventing consensus

High Potential

Hashgraph is really fast and has potential to compute around 200,000 transactions just within a few seconds.


Hashgraph works on the two techniques i.e. Gossip about Gossip and Virtual Voting to reach the distributed consensus that is quite effectual.

Leeway Hertz will enhance the business operations by bringing the R3 corda development services. Our team of the potential developers has a deep knowledge of Corda based financial services platform based applications.

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