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Technology Solutions

We have built solution frameworks that can be implemented as custom solutions, considering specific initiatives and needs. Technology solutions developed by us are easily configurable and come with industry-best-post-implementation support and regular updates to keep you ahead of the competition.

About LeewayHertz

Established in 2007 and headquartered in San Francisco, we are one of the first companies to deliver a commercial app to the App Store. Our team of 100+ award-winning designers and developers has designed and built over 100 software platforms for startups and enterprises. With our hands-on experience in Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT and Cloud, we deliver innovative custom technology solutions to our startups and enteprises.

AI-based Presence System


Startups and enterprises can use DLTStack to develop and deploy blockchain applications in ten minutes. With the help of utilities and tools to use multiple blockchain platforms, startups can develop and use blockchain applications without worrying about the management of underlying technology.

  • Multiple Blockchains
  • Hybrid Solutions
  • Inbuilt IPFS

Telemedicine App for Healthcare Institutes

Doctors and patients can use the telemedicine app to interact with each other remotely. Patients can consult doctors via video. By connecting patients with doctors online, it reduces the spread of the virus to mass populations and time to wait in long queues. Doctors can order the prescription on behalf of the patient to avoid the mishandling of the prescription.

  • Doctor calendar scheduling
  • Consultation using Video calling
  • Prescription handling

On-Demand Delivery App Development

On-Demand Delivery App enables retail businesses to sell their services or products online. It is helping people get on-demand products at the doorstep when they cannot go out amid the COVID19 outbreak.

  • Real-time Tracking
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Beautiful and smooth interface

Contactless Attendance System System

Contactless Attendance System uses facial recognition and computer vision to recognize faces and add attendance by looking at face bio-metrics. It works with RTSP-enabled CCTV or IP cameras.

  • Computer Vision
  • Real-time attendance tracking
  • Report generation
AI-based Presence System
AI-Based Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection using AI

Face Mask Detection System can detect people without masks using Computer Vision technology. You can use existing IP cameras to monitor individuals and identify if they are not wearing a mask. Face Mask Detection Solution can be used in Hospitals, Office, Quarantine Facilities to ensure that people are taking the required actions to prevent COVID-19 infection.

  • Facial recognition to identify individuals without masks
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Work on the existing CCTV and IP cameras

Social Distancing Alert System Using Artificial Intelligence

Social Distancing Alert System is designed to identify if people are maintaining distance to prevent the spread of viruses or not. Using CV, the system can measure the gap between two or more persons identified in the camera.

  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • Measuring distance between two or more people
  • Voice alarms

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