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Top AI Consulting Companies 

Are you looking for top AI consulting companies to work with? 

AI consulting is a major buzzword in the field of technology these days. Many people who are using this term have little to no idea about what it is and how it can be used for greater computational efficiency. There are a lot of companies who are now eager to use AI and machine learning in different ways to enhance their business prospects.

These as three factors that lead to their slow adoption of AI:

  • lack of an AI strategy
  • lack of awareness about AI capabilities
  • lack of AI talent in their organizations

Why is AI consulting important now?

AI-enabled products are becoming more critical. Currently, there is a vast demand for AI-enabled products, but due to lack of knowledge and resources, supply is limited. Either the technology isn’t perfect yet or companies don’t know which companies to hire for their business. Hence, AI consulting companies are playing a significant role between businesses and development Companies.

What are the significant activities AI consulting company?

Consulting is majorly divided into three parts:

  1. Strategy formulation:

How should the client use AI? It’s essential to understand the client’s requirements, challenges, and opportunities encountered by the company, the client’s data & analytics capabilities. Considering these factors and challenges, AI consulting firm can identify the most important AI initiatives for the company.

2. Implementation

The strategy will result in a number of actions. Implementation is also divided into multiple activities such as planning, Selecting the right AI development company, project management, development, improvement of business processes impacted by the project, change management and so on.

3. Training

Ideally, the consulting company should enhance the knowledge and skills of the client. This is very important in the field of AI, where talent is rare. AI consulting companies mainly helps client’s to ensure that their teams are capable and knowledgeable about the technologies they will be working on.

What are the Top AI Consulting Companies?

To help you find the right IT Consulting Companies, we have selected a list of top AI consulting companies based on factors such as experience, portfolio, cost, development capabilities.

1. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is an Artificial Intelligence company that provides end-to-end AI Consulting services to businesses. The Company offers cutting edge engineering solutions for global and Fortune 500 companies with the mission to help start-up and enterprises accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence.

They help their clients to achieve better results, builds custom AI-enabled solutions in various industries. Their areas of focus include computer vision, NLP, and predictive analytics.




San Francisco, CA

TraceRx, WeeSign, Armanino

2. Azati

Founded in 2001, Azati’s US headquarters and its R&D center in Belarus have helped multiple businesses and it becomes one of the top artificial intelligence companies. The company has consulted and developed AI-enabled solutions for startup and enterprises, depending on your project’s requirements. Their services also include design, development, data science, and machine learning.




Livingston, NJ, USA

Infura, Alethio


Under the PRIZM group, they are a group of technology people who develops and supports technical operations. They are tech-savvy and focusing on offering data, digital and AI technology solutions to their clients.
They are specialized in utilizing data to create Artificial Intelligence augmented digital products and services, offering clients one-stop solutions to leverage Data, Digital, and AI technology into their business to magnify their potential.




Hong Kong, Hong Kong

DRun, Dtalk, ClickABite

4. Readify

In July 2016, They had joined with Telstra and had continued to gain global recognition for their best-practice software development processes and elite developers.
They help clients with end-to-end digital transformation, delivering brilliant outcomes for clients striving to solve today’s challenges and grip tomorrow’s opportunities.





Telstra, Innoverse

5. Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights™ brings the seemingly impossible into reality for companies on their digital transformation and product innovation journeys. Companies looking to automate, predict and learn from their data, benefit from DI’s expertise afforded by employing some of the smartest Ph.D. Data Science and ML professionals across Europe and the UK.

With a highly-skilled workforce, DI can uniquely develop bespoke algorithms and machine learning models for clients using their own datasets, or by creating alternative datasets from web data using their proprietary ML web scraper – the Skim Engine™.





Marine Judge, Quant Insight

6. Waverley Software

Waverley is a software engineering company with dedicated development experts in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, which helps to build award-winning software products for both notable tech giants and innovative startups.

Waverley brings fresh ideas to organizations: from the software architecture to elegant web/mobile apps, enterprise portals, blockchain and data science solutions, DevOps and embedded software for robotics, smart home, healthcare, and other industries.




United States


7. Sirius

Backed by more than three decades of IT experience, Sirius is a universally recognized solution provider with a certified team of sales and technical professionals who have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to help clients develop and implement the right AI-enabled solutions to solve their business needs.

With technology solutions that span the entire enterprise, Sirius’ certified, experienced teams work with IT professionals across the U.S. to deliver consulting services that reduce costs and complexity, improve service levels, and minimize security risks and downtime.




San Antonio


8. Fayrix

Fayrix provides world-class custom & offshore software development services. They have12 years of an experienced and talented team of 1500+ developers who are ready to execute projects of any scale. Their R&D centers are located in major Eastern Europe IT hubs.
They have provided AI consulting services for start-ups and enterprises and help them in their business transformation.

$10 – 25/hr

1,000 – 9,999



S7 Airlines

9. ExaWizards Inc

ExaWizards Inc. is one of the best AI Consulting companies, which operates as a cutting edge innovation creation company. The Company provides artificial intelligence Consulting, artificial intelligence designing, artificial intelligence development, and other services. ExaWizards offers services for industrial innovation and social problems solutions.


$50 – $99/hr




Denso, Persol

10. 7EDGE

7Edge is an AI consulting company for digital transformation and helping its clients and assuring high AI-enabled product development. They have been working with various industries like manufacturing, banking, aviation, defense, and military.

Their expert team has extensive knowledge and experience in building quality-driven and robust solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.




Bengaluru, India

Yowza, Nautica

Whether you are looking for an AI consulting company or a dedicated team of AI Consultants, explore the above list of AI consulting companies that help drive business transformation using AI.

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