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Top Fintech Development Companies

The word ‘Financial Technology or FinTech’ was initially used to describe the digitization of backend systems and processes of established financial institutions like banks. However, now the context of fintech technology has shifted more towards consumer-oriented services in personal and commercial finance. Fintech is no more just about banks and financial institutions, it even applies to other sectors such as education, fundraising and nonprofit, investment management, retail banking, and a few. It is a cross-sector holistic term that focuses on empowering financial operations with technology solutions like specialized software applications and algorithms. Such applications have innovated better ways of business transactions, money transfers and digital finance.

Using sophisticated fintech software applications, businesses and consumers are managing their financial operations more efficiently and securely. Also, the integration of new-age technologies like Blockchain, AI, and ML, are scaling up the web and mobile capacities of fintech applications to the next level. Fintech development companies, especially those that work on emerging technologies, are the key contributors driving the technology revolution in the finance space. So, here we have listed top fintech development companies of 2024, with a quick peek into their offerings, technologies and other details. You can check their brief details to identify the right partner for your next fintech project.

Partner With the Top Fintech Development Companies.

Here is a list of the top 10 Fintech Development Companies in 2024.

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1. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is one of the top custom software development companies preferred by startups and enterprises that strive for technology transformation. The company focuses on building innovative business solutions using emerging deep tech like Blockchain, AI, IoT and ML. With a team of 150+ fullstack developers, the company, has delivered 100+ deep tech products and digital solutions to help businesses transform their ecosystems through constructive disruption. Along with the Fintech industry, LeewayHertz’s software development service is also redefining other industries like Retail, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, eCommerce, etc. Its service portfolio is comprehensive and offers end-to-end solutions related to software consultancy, development, and maintenance. It also offers certain quick-to-deploy products like Social Distancing Alert system, NFT storage, NFT marketplace, etc. It also caters to I.T. staffing needs

$55 – $99 / hr

   50 – 249


  San Francisco, CA

Sterling, Hubspot CRM

2. Fluper Ltd

Fluper Ltd. is a mobile app design and development company that caters to UAE, UK, and USA. customers. It has successfully developed and delivered 500+ apps in Google and App store. With a team of 500+ developers, the company has experience designing and delivering apps for different industries. Fluper provides interesting benefits to its customers, such as a 110% money-back guarantee, nine months free app promotion, free maintenance, and support for 2.5 years.

<$25 / hr

   51 – 200


  United Arab Emirates

Nasscom, Bing

3. Konstant Infosolutions

Addressing the challenges in the banking, finance and insurance sectors, Konstant Infosolutions offers a range of new-age IT solutions to startups, small-medium enterprises and top brands. Its service portfolio includes app development for mobile and wearables, cloud computing, web solutions, IoT, offshore staffing, and eCommerce development. In the segment of Fintech, the company offers solutions like Web Apps for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, Transaction (backend) Management, Automated Workflow, ERP/CRM, Cash Management System, Comprehensive Reporting, Financial Planning Software and App Security Consulting.

<$25 / hr

   51 – 200



Del Monte, Volkswagen

4. Next Big Technology(N.B.T.)

N.B.T. is a mobile app development company serving to Banking & Finance sector, along with other domains like Education, healthcare, Real Estate, Media, Dating and Social networks. Web & mobile applications, API services, Opensource, C.M.S., on-demand solutions and search engine optimization are its key end-to-end services, including solution ideation, designing, and implementation. The company claims to have completed 25000+ hours of coding, wherein it has completed 3000+ projects.

< $25 / hr

   50 – 249



Codelogix, Febron

5. BairesDev

BairesDev is designing, architecting, and delivering sophisticated tech solutions to Fortune 500 brands and leading companies across multiple industries and verticals. Along with software development services, it also caters to I.T. staffing needs. For its top-notch tech services, the company has also received various awards and recognitions. The company takes pride in having a team of 100% bilingual engineers, who are time-zone aligned to deliver real-time services to the clients. The end-to-end tech solutions by the company has enabled digital transformation for many top brands.

$50 – $99 / hr

   50 – 249


  San Francisco, CA

Rauxa, NextRoll 


6. Praxent

Praxent is a full-fledged fintech development company as it specifically caters to businesses that engage with financial services, insurance, lending and wealth management. The company asserts that its services create world-class customer experiences by simplifying complex fintech product integration. It offers fintech user experience design, software integration, custom development, modernization, and tech debt reduction. As of writing, the company claims to deliver more than 300 software transformation projects.

$50 – $99 / hr

   50 – 249


  Austin, TX

Cisco, KellarWilliams

Kellton Tech solutions

7. Kellton Tech solutions

Kelton has positioned itself as a solution-focused software development company and not technology-focused. Its objective is to build the ideal digital solutions for clients. For this purpose, it can leverage any new-age technologies, be it Blockchain, A.I., AR, V.R., IoT or Robotics automation. The company caters to all kinds of industries, including Fintech, through its wide spectrum of service portfolio that includes Agile Software Development, Digital Commerce & Marketing, Digital Integration, Outsourced Product Development, Platform Modernization, R&D, Technology Consulting, Testing & Automation.

$25 – $49 / hr

   1000 – 9999


  Reston, VA

Bajaj Capital, Paytm

8. Saritasa

Saritasa is a technology solution provider offering software development services related to Mobile, Web, AR/VR, Custom applications, IoT and databases. It even conducts project takeovers for products already in the development process. The team is versed with multiple technology stacks, including Python, L.A.M.P., Swift, .Net and many more. Apart from serving the clients of the Fintech domain, the company also caters to sectors like Medical/Pharma, Restaurant, Education, Health/Fitness, Retail, Real Estate, Logistics, L.M.S. and Manufacturing. It operates from five locations in the U.S.A. and has successfully completed more than 1700 projects.

$100 – $149 / hr

   50 – 249


  Newport Beach, CA

Toyota, Verizon

9. CapitalNumbers

Equipped with 600+ resources, CapitalNumbers caters to agencies and businesses by providing custom teams for executing their development, design, and digital marketing projects. Available for on-demand hiring, the company has specialized teams versed in technologies like CMS., Front-end, Server Side, Mobile, E-commerce CRM. The teams have expertise in offering solutions for Web, Mobile, DevOps, A.I. & ML. The company claims to have delivered more than 1500 successful projects.

$25 – $49 / hr

   250 – 999


  Dover, DE

Vogue, Grey

10. Experion-technologies

Focusing on digital technologies, Experion-technologies design and develop custom software applications and products for enterprises, ISV and startups across the Finance, Retail, Transportation and Supply Chain sectors. It has offices in nine countries – United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, India, Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. With a team power of 1000+ employees, the company has served over 300 customers across 32 countries. Its services range from product engineering to digital transformation, enterprise software development to IT solutions for startups.

$25 – $49 / hr

   250 – 999


  Plano, TX

Global Retail ISV, German Startup

How to identify the right partner for your next fintech development project?

A long list of top fintech companies certainly provide a bewildering array of choices. Every company carries significant claims in its kitty and looks promising. So, whom should you choose to partner with? Here are a few parameters that you can keep into consideration as you choose a fintech development partner.

Don’t go by the delusion that higher service charges amount to better service quality. Various factors make up the pricing. Fintech development companies charge per hour, per developer basis. So, it is important to roughly estimate the hours of coding and number of resources to get an idea of the overall development costing.

Discuss the technology stack
Ask for a detailed overview of the technology stack(both front end and back end). Why developers has chosen that particular tech stack over others? What are the advantages? Does it compromise in-trend functionalities? Are the technologies new-age, agile and scalable? These are important points you need to discuss.

Assess the company portfolio
The most important thing to look for is the company portfolio – the kind of clients they have catered to, team size and the software systems they have developed. Focus on their delivery time and enquire about the skills and expertise of the developers. Ensure their working hours align with your time zone, and you are provided with a dedicated project coordinator.

Confirm the post-development services
Also, have a transparent talk regarding the maintenance and upgrade services offered post-development of the software. Also, clarify the application ownership.

If you are looking for a fintech development company, then you can connect with LeewayHertz. The company abides by all the necessary parameters integral for the development of a high-end fintech application. LeewayHertz developers primarily focus on using emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, and ML to deliver the best user experience and security in software development.

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