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White label DAO

Build and launch your custom DAO with LeewayHertz

Our white label solution helps you launch your own DAO without actually creating the underlying technology. Brand it, and use it as your own separate instance.
White label DAO

Our Whitelabel Solution for Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Our white label solution for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) is a custom decentralized voting platform to make voting on on-chain proposals easy, fast and secure. Our ready-to-deploy white label DAO saves you the efforts and time that goes into building and launching a DAO from scratch. At the same time, it enables you to achieve decentralized autonomous governance for driving your network decisions. Proponents of your network can join the DAO, make proposals and initiate voting to derive mass-driven decentralized conclusions on the proposals.

How Does Our White label DAO Work?

Connect Wallet

Connect Wallet

Connect the network authorized wallet(s) with our white label DAO
Step 1
Create Proposals

Create Proposals

Create voting proposals and submit the supporting documents
Step 2
Add Voters

Add Voters

Select voters for the proposal by adding the address groups
Step 3

Integrate codes

Download the code and integrate it into your application
Step 4

Features of Our White label DAO Solution

Create and track proposals

Create and Track Proposals

Facilitates quick log-in, proposal creation, and voter addition. The proposals up for voting are easy to track with indicators like ‘remaining time and the percentage of ‘for and ‘against’ votes.
No DAO tokens needed

No DAO Tokens Needed

No DAO tokens are required to vote on any proposal listed on our custom voting platform. Voters can pay the gas fee and cast their votes on a proposal using network tokens.
User dashboard

User Dashboard

Allows users/voters to easily track their platform activities such as proposals they have voted on, proposals they have created for voting, proposal status as in ‘Passed’, ‘Failed’, and ‘Open.’
Manage voters

Manage Voters

Facilitates convenient managing of voters through address grouping. Users can create multiple voting groups like ‘top decision makers’ ‘management’ ‘employees’ etc. and add specific addresses to them.


Users or voters can customize their profiles to give an identity to their proposals. They can add profile pictures add names.
Community tools

Community Tools

Our white label DAO is designed to support the integration of a range of community tools such as block explorer, network stats, web wallet, master nodes, etc.

Screens Description

Manage your Projects

Create a Proposal

Create a DAO proposal in three easy steps. Give a proposal title, specify the voting window by selecting the start and end date & time, describe the context of the proposal, and click ‘create proposal’ to make it live.

Publish Smart Contract

Track Proposals

From a single dashboard, easily track the status of all proposals with tags like ‘pass,’ ‘fail,’ and ‘open.’ The ‘for’ and ‘against’ votes are visually presented for easy understanding. Conveniently browse for any proposal with the search bar.

Create Data Models

Vote on a Proposal

Refer to the DAO proposal’s description to understand its context, and then support or reject the proposal simply by clicking the relevant button. Check the addresses of all the voters voting for that particular proposal.

Access Contract Node

Manage Voters Groups

Create voters’ groups simply by grouping the voters’ addresses. Click ‘new group’ and then ‘add address’ of the voters who should vote on that proposal. Rename or delete the groups as required and reuse the groups for voting in future proposals.

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Once you let us know your requirement, our technical expert will schedule a call and discuss your idea in detail post sign of an NDA.
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What is a DAO?

DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is a community-based entity in which smart contracts lay the foundational rules. The entire ecosystem is transparent as no central authority is involved and is governed by its community. 

How does a DAO work?

The working mechanism of a DAO is simple. The entity’s basic rule is established through smart contracts, ensuring the ecosystem’s smooth functioning. To build a DAO, an organization issues its native token. The holders of these tokens form the entire DAO community and are given voting rights. Token holders, through these rights, participate in the DAO’s decision-making process and take decisions for it. 

What is the structure of a DAO?

Unlike a centralized organization, a DAO exists independently without the top-down oversight of a centralized entity. The entire ecosystem of a DAO is non-hierarchical, and the power rests in the hands of the community. Major decisions are undertaken by the individuals who form the DAO’s community. 

How much time is needed to launch a DAO platform?

It depends on the complexity of the requirements, additional functionalities, features, and UI/UX design you want in your application. Our team ensures that the project is completed quickly and delivered within a reasonable timeframe. 

Does LeewayHertz provide technical support?

Yes, we offer our clients technical assistance along with the whitelabel solution.