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ChainExplorer – A White Label Blockchain Explorer

Make your network more accessible.

Launch a custom network explorer for your blockchain with our white label blockchain explorer, designed to provide your users with real-time data about your network, such as no.of transactions, gas price, TPS, market cap, and more.

Blockchain Explorer

About Our White Label Blockchain Explorer

ChainExplorer is a ready-to-deploy white label blockchain explorer, designed for third-gen blockchains. Its smart APIs are integrable with nodes on any blockchain network to draw real-time data about its blocks, transactions, and network metrics like average transaction fees, hash, block size, no. of nodes, etc.

Key Features of Our White Label Blockchain Explorer

Quick Search

A search bar with filter functionality allows users to conveniently search for network transactions, addresses, blocks, hash, embedded text data and more.

Real-time Stats

Provides real-time stats covering the key blockchain metrics such as block height, no. of accounts, gas price, TPS, market cap, etc.


Makes blockchain data easily accessible in real-time to individuals, development teams, and research organizations.


Customizable and ready-to-deploy, our white label blockchain explorer is built with APIs and framework, integrable with a multitude of blockchains.

Smooth Navigation

Clean design with search bar functionality and information compartmentalization allow users to navigate around smoothly.

Device Agnostic

Accessible from any device, operating system and browser. Designed to deliver smooth UX across all settings of mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Blockchain Support






What can Our Network Performance Monitor Do?

A Walk-Through of Our White Label Blockchain Explorer

Home Screen

Offers complete visibility and transparency into the network by presenting real-time network data on Block height, Avg transaction fees, active nodes, on-chain transactions, and a lot more.

Network price data

Collectively presents the network price data such as no.of on-chain transactions, total market cap value, the volume traded in the last 24 hours, number of coins in circulation, and total supply.

Network status

Node Statistics

Displays the real-time network status, inclusive of uptime, avg transaction rate and gas price in comparison to Ethereum. The visually representative ‘Uptime’ meter also features filters for checking the status for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

Transaction details

Provides a quick snapshot of the recently published transactions in a visually appealing format, describing the transaction’s block hash, time stamp, amount, senders’ and receivers’ account address.

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What is a blockchain explorer?

A blockchain explorer is a type of search engine that provides information related to a given blockchain network. It is used to monitor transactions occurring on a given blockchain and track their progress. 

What are the types of blockchain explorers?

There are different blockchain explorers for different blockchain networks. But the role performed by every explorer is the same – provide results against searches pertaining to the activities carried out on a blockchain.

How does a blockchain explorer work?

Blockchain explorers work with node interfaces to extract data available on a given blockchain. After the information is gathered, the explorer stores it in a searchable format, like tables.

Why do we need blockchain explorers?

Blockchain explorer is a tool that enhances blockchain transparency. Blockchain explorers help receive instant updates on transactions and display information associated with their history. 

How to read transactions on a blockchain explorer?

Every blockchain explorer has a search field that allows you to acquire query-specific information. This is made possible through transaction IDs (hashes) or unique addresses. The result page will showcase all the vital information you need if your search is relevant.