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Network Stats Explorer

Entice users by driving transparency into your network’s performance

Launch your own Blockchain network stats explorer with our white label network stats, an EVM-compatible, ready-to-deploy network explorer that displays network performance metrics for speed, efficiency, security, and node activities.

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Launch Your Own Network Performance Monitor with Network Stats

Network Stats is a white label, low-time-to-market, go-to solution for launching your own blockchain network stats explorer. Network Stats Explorer drives transparency to your network’s performance by displaying real-time statistics about node activities and performance metrics like efficiency, security, and speed. It runs a blockchain crawler anchored to a node discovery protocol to query the nodes on your network, collect and aggregate data, and then display them through a node explorer user interface.

How Does Network Stats Help?

unified dashboard.


Network performance insights over a unified dashboard.

Real-time representation


Real-time representation of network’s performance – Speed, Security, and Efficiency.

Tabular representation


Tabular representation of node activities with ‘search’ and ‘pin’ functionality.

Key Features of Our White Label Network Stats

Node Statistics

Provides real-time statistics like no. of active nodes, their country-wise geo-location, no. of nodes created in the last seven days, etc.

Performance Metrics

Displays real-time network performance updates such as the total number of blocks created, avg block time, network uptime, etc.

Node Activity Table

Presents live updates for hundreds of network nodes, allows for pinning of preferred nodes, and facilitates the search for specific nodes by names.


Customizable to include additional features necessary for improving a network’s transparency and credibility with its users.

Device Agnostic

Responsive UX design provides a great user experience across different browsers, OS and devices, including desktops, laptops, and smartphones.

EVM Compatible

Compatible with all kinds of EVM-based blockchain protocols, including layer 1 and layer 2 chains. It can be architected for non-EVM blockchains also.

Blockchain Support






Screens Description

Node Statistics

Visually represents the network decentralization by geo-locating the active nodes countrywide over a world map. Highlights the count for active nodes, node hosting countries and nodes created in the previous seven days.

Speed Information

Provides a quick snapshot of network’s speed information by specifying no. of blocks created on the network, the average block creation time, and the time when the latest block was created.


Displays the real-time network efficiency by displaying the uptime, avg transaction rate, and gas price in comparison to Ethereum. The visually representative ‘Uptime’ meter features filters for checking the status for the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

Node Table

Displays live updates for over 200 network nodes in a tabular format, and specific nodes can be searched by name. With ‘pin a node’ functionality, the pinned node always appears at the top.

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