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Optimized for zero-code token development

Launch your own smart contract tokenization platform with our white label token generator – TokenSculpt, which facilitates zero-code token generation and deployment over any blockchain network of choice.
Token Generator Platform

About our White label Token Generator Platform

TokenScultp is a ready-to-deploy white label smart contract tokenization platform designed for blockchain protocols and web3 businesses to promptly launch their own smart contract token generator with minimum time-to-market. It facilitates smart contract token creation and deployment over any blockchain network of choice through pre-audited token contracts, right from the browser. It offers flexibility with modular features like minting, burning, and pausing tokens.

Key Features of Our White Label Token Generator


Instant Token Creation

Facilitates instant token creation right from the browser in simple steps – blockchain selection, customization, deployment and minting

No-code tokenization

No-code Tokenization

Allows end-users to create and deploy tokens in minutes without any well-depth crypto knowledge, guidance, or coders’ aid.

Modular Features

Modular Features

Facilitates advanced functionalities like minting, burning, pausing, and instant ownership transfer, enabling users to create more feature-specific tokens.



Enables interoperability by allowing users to create and issue tokens on different blockchain ecosystems

Open source

Wallet Integration

After generating and minting tokens on a blockchain network, users can instantly add their minted tokens directly to any supported wallet.


Open Source

As an open-source token generator platform, it is scalable, upgradeable, and flexible for customization to best incorporate future advances.

A Walk Through Our White Label Blockchain Explorer

Wallet Login

Wallet Login

Logging in is made simple with Metamask integration. No complexities around account creation; users can conveniently and quickly log in with their MetaMask wallet.

Create ERC20 Basic Filled

Create ERC Token

The no-code module makes creating smart token contracts and tokenomics simple and easy. Users can create and deploy tokens line ERC-20, ERC-721(NFT), and stablecoin.

Add Features

Add Features

With our white-label tokenization platform, users can bootstrap the functionalities of their tokens using ready-to-use features such as mintable, burnable, pausable, etc.

Manage Contract

Manage Contracts

Once the tokens are deployed, users can manage every aspect of tokens from a single dashboard to keep track of no. of tokens minted, initial supply, current supply, etc.

Request a Demo

Once you let us know your requirement, our technical expert will schedule a call and discuss your idea in detail post sign of an NDA.
All information will be kept confidential.