Artificial Intelligence Products

Leverage our innovative artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning products. Accelerate your business with the power of data and applied intelligence.

NFT Marketplace platform solution

Transform your business with our AI products

Use our prebuilt AI applications to automate your business process and decisions, and optimize your team’s time. Our uniquely designed AI systems can be trained on the data specific to your industry and deliver fast, accurate information across any channel at the scale you and your customers require

Aggregate, Analyze and Accelerate with our Intelligent Products

Enhance the scope for Defi development upon your network with our Oracle implementation solution

Face Mask Detection

Automate detection of people without masks with our Smart Face Mask Detection System.

Social Distancing Alert System

Intelligently detect and alert people not adhering to the social distancing norms.

Contactless Attendance Solution

Record attendance through face detection by using our Contactless Attendance Solution.

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