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Automated Market Maker (AMM) Solution for DEXs

We offer Automated Market Maker(AMM) solution to Decentralized Exchanges, enabling them to achieve 24/7 liquidity by using liquidity pools over traditional orderbook.

Automated Market Maker

Facilitate Automated Decentralized Trading for your DEX Users

We help Decentralized Exchanges implement the Automated Market Maker Protocol to facilitate automated and permissionless decentralized trading of digital assets over their platforms. Our AMM solution fixes the problem of limited liquidity in traditional exchanges through liquidity pools.

Automated permission-less trading

24/7 available for trading

High liquidity

How Can our AMM Solution Improve your DEX?

By implementing Automated Market Maker in your DEXs, we help you facilitate decentralized trading through liquidity pools. A liquidity pool is a smart contract that gathers funds from liquidity providers, who receive rewards for supplying funds to the pool. In an AMM-based DEX platform, instead of trading between buyers and sellers, users trade against a pool of tokens and overcome the challenge of liquidity.

Why Go for AMM-based DEX Model?

Atomic trading

Instead of trading between buyers and sellers, users trade against a pool of tokens without involving intermediary

Liquidity pools

Using a liquidity pool, a shared pot of tokens locked in a smart contract, traders can request tokens to accomplish their trading without relying on a a buyer.

Fair prices

AMM model doesn’t subject traders to unfair prices as price of the tokens in the pool is determined by a mathematical formula

Scope of regular trading

Traders can engage in regular trading using liquidity pools and no more they require finding people willing to trade or match their desired price.

Fast processing

Users do not need to wait for another trader to place a desirable offer as smart contracts dictate automated trading.

High liquidity

Incentivization for liquidity providers ensures the influx of assets in a pool. More assets increase liquidity in the pool

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