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Crypto Wallet Development Solution

We build decentralized crypto wallets for Blockchain projects, DEXs, Defi Trading and Investment platforms. For end-users convenience, we launch wallets as Desktop Apps, Mobile Apps and Web Browser Extensions.

Crypto Wallet Development Solution

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Decentralized Crypto Wallet Development

Building the gateway to fast, secure and seamless crypto payment, loan and trading experiences

We help you launch non-custodial crypto wallets and expand your Defi portfolio to a wider base of customers by offering them enhanced security, faster transactions and total control of their crypto assets. We customise, deploy and launch your crypto wallet with specialized features like keyless wallets with facial biometrics, multi-coin support, QR scanner, cross-platform compatibility, automatic conversion rates and much more.

Our Decentralized Crypto Wallet Development Offerings

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Accessible over mobile devices, our crypto mobile wallets are compatible with iOS and Android platforms. The interface of these wallets is designed to promote usage-convenience to the on-the-go users while ensuring that they have easy access to all the wallet functionalities.

Desktop Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Our desktop crypto wallets are ready-to-install applications compatible with any regular Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems like desktops and laptops. With desktop wallets, users can store their private keys on their systems.

Web Wallet as browser extensions

Web Wallet as browser extensions

Our web wallets are stored as browser extensions. Users can access their web wallets from any computer through web interfaces that unlock with authenticated log-in. Log-insecurity and encryption protect the users’ private keys.

Our Crypto Wallet Development Process

Crypto Wallet Development Process

1. Business & technical analysis

We start by reviewing the technical and business perspectives of your blockchain projects and realize the purpose and specification of the wallet you need.

Crypto Wallet Development Process

2. Architecture design

During the architecture design of your wallet app, we create the blueprint to define the interactions between frontend, backend, transaction, data storage and retrieval.

Crypto Wallet Development Process

3. Fidelity design

Next, we create a low-fidelity prototype to specify the wallet’s look through a rough outline of the UI/UX elements. On your validation, we create the high-fidelity design.

Crypto Wallet Development Process

4. Smart contract development

To add functionalities to the wallet, such as bundle transactions, account recovery, transfer limits, and more, we develop smart contracts depending on your project specifications.

Crypto Wallet Development Process

5. Frontend-backend development

Our blockchain experts use programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Solidity, Node.js, Frameworks like Angular, React, React-Native, Ionic for frontend and backend development.

Crypto Wallet Development Process

6. Deployment

After thorough testing of any bugs or omissions, we complete the final steps of wallet development and deploy it on the blockchain, making it available to the users.

Why Go for our Decentralized Crypto Wallets?

Decentralized Crypto Wallets

It readily integrates with all Defi platforms and directly reaches millions of global users.

Decentralized Crypto Wallets

It offers cross-platform compatibility for Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Windows

Decentralized Crypto Wallets

It enables users to store and sell multiple cryptos ( ETH, Litecoin, BTC, ERC-20 tokens, altcoins) in a single wallet.

Signature Features of Our Decentralized Crypto Wallets

Decentralized Crypto Wallets


Minimum latency as users can sell cryptos directly from wallets and get the money credited on their cards.

Decentralized Crypto Wallets


In-built token swapping functionality eliminates the need to use a separate wallet integration service.

Decentralized Crypto Wallets


Empower your users to securely stake their cryptos and participate in trading activities across Defi platforms.

Decentralized Crypto Wallets

API connections to Crypto Exchanges

Users can sell or buy their sought-after cryptocurrencies without leaving the crypto exchange platforms.

Decentralized Crypto Wallets

Vendor payments

Facilitate payment in cryptocurrencies as fiat-equivalent for consumer services through QR code.
Decentralized Crypto Wallets


Facilitate quick and easy deposit, withdrawal and transfer of fiat currencies directly to visa/master prepaid cards.
Decentralized Crypto Wallets

QR code scanner

Eliminate the need for human-copying of wallet address by facilitating automatic QR code scanning of address.
Decentralized Crypto Wallets

Auto denial of duplicate payments

The wallets automatically detect and denies duplicate payments to avoid any chargebacks.

Give Your Customers More Reasons to Use Your Decentralized Crypto Wallet

Ever Running

Fortified from hacks

Immune to cross border regulations

High security and encryption

Easy transfer and low fees

Ease of use

Our Crypto Wallet Work

Mosaic Wallet


White-Label Crypto Wallet

Mosaic is an EVM-compatible white label crypto wallet developed by LeewayHertz for DEXs, NFT marketplaces, crypto trading and reward platforms. With the help of this custom product, interested entities can launch their own-brand crypto wallet with the benefit of minimum time to market. Our white label crypto wallet is an effective solution to acquire and better engage with new-age crypto enthusiast web3 customers.

Mosaic Wallet

Our Engagement Models

Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

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