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LeewayHertz is the blockchain development leader of the Ethereum Blockchain Space. EthereumPlus is our Ethereum Blockchain Solutions and Services suite that enables enterprises to launch next-generation Ethereum Blockchain Solutions.

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Ethereum products

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Ethereum transactions

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Digital Assets on Ethereum

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Ethereum Nodes Launched

Our Stack of Ethereum Services

Discover how LeewayHertz’s services are helping enterprises and startups benefit from Ethereum blockchain technology.

Our Ethereum Services

Software Development

Ethereum Blockchain Consulting

Our Ethereum Development Experts help you understand the need for the implementation of Ethereum blockchain for your business. We identify the stakeholders of the system and on-chain and off-chain components of the Ethereum-based blockchain solution.

Software Development

Ethereum dApps

Utilizing agile methodology to develop Ethereum dApps, our Ethereum developers convert your idea into reality by building secure and scalable decentralized applications. Our dApp development services cater to various industries, including healthcare, logistics, utility and many more.

Software Development

Token Development

Our Ethereum Blockchain Experts can create and deploy tokens of different standards, including ERC20, ERC223, ERC777 and ERC865. We create a new token business with built-in security features to facilitate transactions of tokens and record token balances.

Software Development

Ethereum Network Launch

As part of the Ethereum Network Launch Service, our team helps you launch Ethereum nodes for public and private networks and ensure that the network is always up and running and never experiences downtime.

Software Development

Maintenance & Upgrade

Whether you need the Ethereum app or network maintenance services or want to migrate the existing solution to the Ethereum network, our Ethereum development team is here to provide you the complete assistance.

Software Development

Smart Contracts Development

Leverage our smart contracts development services and make the execution of your business contracts faster, secure and automated. We help you achieve high operational efficiency, reduce manual work and save costs involved in critical processes.

Our Ethereum Blockchain Solutions

Software Development

Asset Management

Digitize, issue and manage new financial assets.

Software Development

Capital Markets

Improve time-to-market and automate servicing activities.

Software Development

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Bring decentralization to the finance ecosystem and launch peer-to-peer networks.

Software Development

Global Trade and Commerce

Accelerate global trade financing and prevent counterfeiting.

Software Development

Payment and Digital Currencies

Monitor payment transactions and set up a global payment infrastructure.

Our Ethereum Work

Technology Stack We Use to Build Ethereum Solutions



Remix is a browser-based IDE, used to build, deploy and test smart contracts written in Solidity programming language.

Software Development


Truffle is built to test Ethereum Smart Contracts and deploy custom Ethereum applications for both private and public network



Embark provides service monitoring, real-time deployment and interactive REPL with modularity in developing smart contracts.

Software Development


Zeppelin is used to manage reusable smart contracts and perform security audit checks on smart contracts.

Software Development


We use local test nodes with Ganache to test the interaction of smart contracts and to deploy contracts.



Parity tools are used to build Ethereum dApps, connect independent blockchains, enable smart contracts permissioning on public blockchains.

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