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LeewayHertz provides 360-degree solutions to the enterprise and fortune 500 companies with their comprehensive full stack development services. Hire full stack developer from LeewayHertz who takes care of the entire front-end and back-end of an application, starting from the ideation stage to finished product.

Our Full Stack Development Services








Delivering engaging and converting Designs

We create customer-driven UI/UX designs to build full-stack mobile/web applications, SaaS platforms, and web portals.

Using the agile workflow and innovative UI/UX strategies, we create responsive and user-friendly designs for the startups and enterprises. Our designs have been rated as the most converting and engaging among top technology partners.

LeewayHertz delivers the high-quality UI/UX designs for superior front-end solutions.

Full Stack development

Progressive web and native development for Enterprises

We emphasize on Design-Centric Front End Development

Leveraging the flexibility in designing creating dynamic web experiences, LeewayHertz delivers the high-end web architecture development for their enterprise clients.

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We use Angular.js, a feature-packed Javascript Framework, to simplify the development of dynamic and web apps.

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We use BootStrap to build responsive websites. Its open-source toolkit enables developers to develop a website with HTML, JS and CSS.

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We provide cross-platform app development services on React Native as its library supports the development of apps on Android and iOS with the same codebase.

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We utilize jQuery library to use an abundance of plugins on the web to create special effects.

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Delivering Compliant Solutions to Enterprises

We emphasize on meeting compliance requirements

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We can implement AML/KYC service in the digital solutions to ensure additional security and protect against financial frauds.

Full Stack Developer


Our Full Stack Developer team understands the PCI compliance and meets its requirements while building solutions that deal with financial transactions.

Full Stack Developer


Our team of full stack developer understands the privacy of health records and therefore, we ensure that healthcare solutions comply with HIPAA standard.

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We make apps, websites or platforms GDPR ready to protect the personal information of users like mailing address, product purchases, IP address and payment information.

Web API development

Full-fledged Web API Development Services to leverage mobile and web solutions seamlessly

We provide complete Web API Development Services with owned or 3rd Party Integrations to run applications quickly.

Our Full stack web developers have an in-depth understanding of protocols like REST and SOAP. Security, Scalability, Reliability are some of the key attributes considered while developing a software application. Some core use cases include iOT devices, B2B Integrations and SaaS platforms.

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We build multi-user real-time web applications that perform at lightning speed using node.js.

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Our PHP developers avail benefits of the scripting language’s ability to construct high-performance server backends and dynamic web pages.

Developing secure Backend Architecture

Building stable server backends to fetch data from multiple points and compile them under a single web interface

We develop secure and scalable backends for enterprise-grade applications

Our Full Stack developers are adept with a wide range of backend technologies. We assure you to offer highly secure backend solutions that meet the standards of your project.

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Using Java, we create write once and run everywhere server-side applications.

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Our Web Developers build Java applications to add more power to web applications with open-source and highly extensible Java framework called as Spring.


Accelerating the product release cycle time, while improving the efficiency of enterprise applications

We ensure to plug the gaps between quality assurance, IT operations and software development to produce software services and products quickly.

During out DevOps Agile Cycle, the Testing Team picks up the Jira Issues to conduct the scrum daily. After the resolution of issues, the Code Repo triggers the commit code into the Jenkins in three states, i.e., Jenkins QA, Jenkins UAT, Jenkins Prod.
Once the code is committed, Hockeyapp and the AWS continuously delivers the build for testing through the provisionary tools.

These tools release notifications for the test cases execution through Xray, leading to the test scripts.The test scripts enable the installation of releases whose issues can be tracked and logged back through JIRA.

Cloud hosting for enterprise applications

Offering high-performance cloud platforms to build, deploy and manage enterprise applications


We use handpicked and robust cloud platforms for the development of software applications 

Our Full Stack Developers have an in-depth understanding of hosting applications on various cloud platforms. We manage and deploy enterprise applications on cloud platforms with elastic scalability for object storage.

We have deployed & managed enterprise applications on cloud hosting with elastic scalability perfect for object storage.

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Offering a broader set of global compute storage, analytics, database, application and deployment services, we use AWS to host scalable and robust applications.

Full Stack Developer

Google Cloud Platform

Since Google Cloud Platform has a unique feature, “Pay-as-you-go”, we help organizations save money by paying for services according to their needs.

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Microsoft Azure

Our developers build, test, deploy and manage applications and services via a global network of Microsoft Azure which is an enterprise-grade cloud computing platform with IaaS, SaaS, PaaS models.

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Using a real-time database, Firebase, we ensure that the cloud-based applications are always synchronized.

Why hire Full Stack Developer from LeewayHertz?

IP/NDA Protection:
At LeewayHertz, we maintain a thorough NDA with the clients to agree on not disclosing the confidential information about the project to anyone else.

Reduced Time-To-Market:
With our hands-on experience on the latest technology tools and stack, we ensure that the project is completed within the decided timeline and released to the public without any delays.

Custom Software Solutions:
Our full-stack developers have the potential to deliver a solution which is tailored as per the client’s requirements.

Expert Full Stack Developers:
Our experienced team of full-stack developers works hand in hand with the client’s team to integrate development and QA processes without disruption.

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