Generative AI Use Cases and Applications

With the emergence of prominent Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, businesses can swiftly generate new content. Learn in-depth on Generative AI use cases.

AI Visual Search

AI visual search: A radical departure from traditional search methods

AI visual search technology allows users to search for information using images rather than text-based queries.

AI pricing engines

AI pricing engines: Maximizing profits through data-driven pricing

An AI-based price engine is a pricing tool or system that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to make pricing decisions and recommendations.

Fine-tuning Llama 2: Domain adaptation of a pre-trained model

Llama 2, as a member of the Llama family of LLMs, not only aligns with the technical prowess of contemporaries like GPT-3 and PaLM 2 but also introduces several groundbreaking innovations.


LlamaIndex: An imperative for building context-aware LLM-based apps

LlamaIndex, previously known as the GPT Index, is an innovative data framework specially designed to support LLM-based application development. It offers an advanced framework that empowers developers to integrate diverse data sources with large language models.

AI in risk management

AI in risk management: A new paradigm for business resilience

AI in risk management impacts how businesses approach risk mitigation with its remarkable ability to process vast volumes of data, extract patterns, and make predictive analyses.

AI in customer complaint management

AI in customer complaint management: The way to faster and more efficient complaint handling

AI-driven analysis automatically aggregates, assesses, and categorizes customer complaints, promptly directing them to the appropriate team member.

Generative AI for compliance: An intelligent approach to business governance

Generative AI streamlines the creation of compliance documents, offers real-time support, and employs predictive analytics to reduce compliance risks and more.

AI in fraud detection

AI in fraud detection: Fortifying businesses against ever-evolving threats

AI empowers fraud detection across industries, countering deception, ensuring secure transactions, and detecting complex fraudulent patterns.

AI in cybersecurity

AI in cybersecurity: The new frontier of digital protection

Cybersecurity refers to the comprehensive practice of safeguarding devices interconnected through the internet, including the protection of hardware, software, and data from malicious cyber threats.

AI in real estate: Impacting the dynamics of the modern property market

AI is reshaping the real estate industry by optimizing processes, boosting efficiency and empowering the modern property market for a smarter future.

Generative AI in the automotive industry: Redefining how we drive, commute, and interact with vehicles

Generative AI is reshaping the automotive landscape, infusing vehicles with intelligence and creating personalized driving experiences that adapt to individual preferences and needs.

AI in the fuel distribution

AI in fuel distribution control: Exploring the use cases

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant and diverse role in fuel distribution control, altering how the entire process is handled.

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