Generative AI use cases and applications: Exploring GenAI’s impact across industries

Generative AI demonstrates versatile applications across diverse industries, leveraging its capacity to create novel content, simulate human behavior, and generate innovative outputs based on learned patterns.

Blockchain Development Process – A Complete Guide for Innovators

Here is a step-by-step guide to the blockchain development process. In this article, you will get to know how to build a blockchain-based application.

Blockchain Platforms used by Top Blockchain Companies

Here is a list of the best blockchain platforms used by top blockchain companies for building the blockchain-based applications.

How to hire a Blockchain Developer?

If you want to hire a right blockchain developer, you need to undergo a thorough research for finding the right blockchain talent.


Supply Chain Blockchain- Reinventing Food Supply

Supply Chain Blockchain has the potential to enhance the food safety by making the system more transparent, auditable, and traceable.

Blockchain Insurance – Streamlining Insurance Process

Insurance startups and giants are exploring the potential of blockchain insurance to digitally store insurance records to prevent fraudulent claims.


Everything you should know about Microservices

Microservices architecture is a distinctive approach of developing large-scale applications as a combination of small services deployed independently.

How can Blockchain improve the Point of Sale Process?

Blockchain can transform the Point-Of-Sale Billing Solution. Information related to billings, taxes, customer’s ratings, orders and inventory can be stored securely.

How IoT works

How Internet of Things work?

The Internet of Things is transforming our day-to-day lives. Understanding how internet of things work with the help of an example.

Blockchain Travel Feature

Blockchain Travel – Reviving Travel Experience

Simplifying settlements in the travel value chain, Traveler ID verification, Baggage tracking, Making loyalty schemes on Blockchain.


How IoT is transforming Healthcare?

The emergence of the IoT have the potential life-saving applications within the healthcare industry by collecting data from consumer wearables.

IoT Manufacturinng

How IoT works for Manufacturing?

As the world is becoming connected everyday, IoT has now been extended to manufacturing. Understand with an example how IoT manufacturing works.

What is AI

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Despite widespread use, many people lack a thorough understanding of AI. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding how AI works and its daily impact.

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