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LeewayHertz sets to bring Transformation with NFT Development Services 

NFT Marketplace

LeewayHertz, popularly known for Blockchain consulting has recently launched NFT development services to provide innovative solutions to the industry and meet the constantly rising demands for NFTs. LeewayHertz is all prepared to ride the tide of the growing NFT market. It is one of the earliest entrants to the Blockchain development industry and has already set its foot in the rising market.

LeewayHertz has a comprehensive portfolio of NFT development solutions and services that include:

  • NFT marketplace design and development
  • NFT Smart Contracts audit
  • NFT marketplace support and maintenance
  • NFT development
  • NFT wallet development

The company is also backing up start-ups and enterprises to launch their wallets, tokens and exchanges worldwide. The Blockchain experts at LeewayHertz aim to develop a robust NFT marketplace platform with multiple security layers comprising all the features required to launch an NFT marketplace.

“NFTs have brought up a new innovative era that empowers the value of provenance and wealth creation. The comprehensive NFT development solutions and services aim to support businesses and capitalize on the NFT opportunity,” said Akash Takyar – CEO of LeewayHertz.

“We have well-trained and seasoned Blockchain engineers who dedicatedly work to deliver mission-driven solutions to our clients. We leverage Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance, Tezos or Flow to create Smart Contracts and NFTs that users can seamlessly list and trade on NFT marketplaces,” said Deepak Shokeen – CTO of LeewayHertz.

Other than NFT development, LeewayHertz entails non-fungible exchange development. It aims to develop high-performance NFT exchange platforms coupled with a robust trading system, high-grade security, simple user interface and scalability to offer a smooth and secure trading experience.

About LeewayHertz

Headquartered in San Francisco, LeewayHertz is a full-service blockchain consulting firm having robust experience in development, consulting and promoting enterprise-grade dApps. The company echoes the motto of “You dream it; We build it.” The management of the company is highly qualified and professional in its approach. With the experience in building over 30+ blockchain apps used by millions of users, LeewayHertz knows how to convert ideas from concept to delivery.


This press release is originally published in Digital Journal.


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