Top AI Companies to explore in 2019

Artificial Intelligence is a continuously emerging technology as it allows industry leaders to provide a personalized experience to customers by analyzing customers’ data. Research says that 41 percent of US customers have to sometimes switch between Original Equipment Manufacturers and brands because of the lack of trust and customization.

It is the reason why customer-centric enterprises are integrating their services with artificial intelligence to keep their customers satisfied. Since businesses have to handle a massive amount of unstructured data and process, it becomes challenging to extract real-time insights manually to drive business decisions. Therefore, companies, nowadays, require self-governing systems to optimize business processes and automate various tasks.

As artificial intelligence offers a wide range of business use cases and all of us interact with AI application in some form or another every day. Thus, organizations are looking out for companies that provide AI solutions for giving the customers the experience they require.

To help enterprises discover intelligence in their business operations, we have come up with a list of top AI companies that have developed innovative products to solve significant problems.

Before you find who are the top companies in artificial intelligence, let us make you understand how to select the best artificial intelligence company.

How to select the top artificial intelligence companies?

An enterprise or startup needs to consider a few factors while looking for an artificial intelligence development company. We have considered the following factors when finding the top AI companies:

  • AI Engineering Experience
    To select a competent AI development company, you will have to explore companies that claim to have extensive AI expertise. Since it is an exciting technology field, many companies don’t have practical experience in AI engineering and believe in jumping on the bandwagon of AI. Therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly when it comes to hiring an AI solutions provider.Firstly, you should review the portfolio and case studies of AI projects of the company. You need to discover what exactly the company worked on a project, how they implemented AI in a specific solution and how it benefited client and end-users. Ensure if the AI development company has experience in different types of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and data structures.Also, explore the industries the company works with. As every industry has its specifics, make sure that the company has relevant experience in the industry you belong to.
  • Ability to scale a team
    Select a company that has enough capabilities and resources to handle your requirements. It will affect not only your business requirements, but also the growth of your company. When you would need to scale up your AI solution, you may need more AI engineers. Therefore, always consider the company’s potential to scale up the team whenever required.
  • Expertise in AI technologies
    Artificial Intelligence encloses a wide range of technology practices. When it comes to choosing an AI company, ensure that AI developers have expertise in multiple programming languages and frameworks. AI technology stack includes Python, C, Hadoop, R, Lisp, TensorFlow, Scala, Torch, Caffe and more.While considering the development team, ensure that the company has professional data engineers and data scientists who can clean and organize data and deploy various algorithms. In case, you need to develop a speech recognition or image recognition model, make sure the company has speech recognition and computer vision engineers on their team.

The factors mentioned above will help you find the right AI company for your project. Now, let’s discuss some of the top artificial intelligence companies that are building innovative AI solutions for startups and enterprises.

Top AI companies providing scalable and secure AI solutions

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LeewayHertz is a digital consulting and development company that provides digital solutions to enterprises and startups using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud and Mobile services. With the expertise in AI, LeewayHertz team has addressed complex business challenges and optimized operational efficiency.

They have a dedicated team of AI engineers and developers who have built the world’s first robotic tea maker, HiArya, that uses face recognition to detect users’ face, ML to predict users’ behavior and speech recognition to detect voice.

LeewayHertz has delivered over 100 digital solutions which are being used by millions of users worldwide. They offer 100% transparency across the project development cycle with tools industry-grade tools like Jira and Confluence. Some of their clients are ESPN, P&G, Nascar, 3M, TraceRx, Hawaii Revealed and ETON.

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SumatoSoft is a mobile, Internet of Things, Web and Big Data Solution Provider that has been producing and delivering scalable solutions since 2012. Focusing on the customer’s requirements, the company assigns in-house teams and ensures transparent workflows with agile approaches.

With specialization in big data, SumatoSoft provides data engineering, business intelligence, predictive modeling, big data analytics, big data visualization and multi-system data integration services. Some of their reputed clients are Evolv, Dragon Sourcing, Mediatron and Boxforward.

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IntellectSoft is a digital transformation consultancy that leverages Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud and Big Data technology to develop, deploy and maintain AI solutions. The company provides award-winning solutions to enterprises and startups to accelerate the implementation of new technologies and untangle complex issues.

Established in 2007, Intellectsoft creates a secure and scalable software foundation for businesses. The IntellectSoft team has built a big data enterprise platform for over 80 million clients, that acts as a single point for data ingestion, processing and distribution. Building AI-based solutions, they ensure to offer several benefits to enterprises, including automation, security, productivity and efficiency.

Intellectsoft uses the latest technologies and practices to perform different types of testing to ensure the delivery of a quality product. Some of their clients are Melco, Gulls, Land Rover, NHS and Giant Bicycles.

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10 Pearls help clients achieve the transformational result by leveraging emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, voice, connected devices and augmented reality. Established in 2004, 10 Pearls designs, develops, and launch digital solutions to drive customer’s revenue.

10 Pearls has built a machine learning algorithm that can scan 3D image data sets and predict if a patient can develop cancer nodules in their lungs. The algorithm is based on the neural network and predictive analysis.

10 Pearls evaluates the impact of the latest technologies while building applications and digital solutions for our clients. Some of their clients are MBO Partners, Zubie, AARP and Nextel.

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SoftServe is one of the top AI companies, helping enterprise leaders solve complex business problems with innovative digital solutions built on AI, cloud, DevOps, IoT and Extended Reality. Building digital products for more than 20 years, SoftServe implements high ethical standards, flawless execution and advanced engineering approaches.

From ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) to big brands, the company has accelerated the growth of various industry domains, including healthcare, media, retail and financial services. The company has been able to build their work and client experience on human-focused experience design to ensure continuity from the ideation to release.

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Founded in 2016 in the deep learning hub of Canada, ElementAI has a team of AI developers, designers, scientists and architects who can convert applied research into AI products. The company offers organizations unparalleled access to the latest technology with their scalable and secure AI solutions.

The team of AI developers at ElementAI have built innovative AI products for industries, including Banking, Insurance, Retail, Logistics, Consumer Packaged Goods and Manufacturing. Some of their reputed clients are Gore Mutual, Port Montreal and GIC. Though the company was established three years ago, it is growing rapidly by providing customer-driven AI solutions.

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AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company that aims to build fully autonomous AI solutions by combining learning, memory and problem-solving. Founded by Dr. Richard H. Shinn in 1997, AIBrain has a team of skillful AI engineers who can augment intelligence with AI and memory.

The company has built various AI solutions, including Conversational Artificial Intelligence Applications for Adults and Children, intelligent smartphone robot, and True AI Game. They have served industries including retail, hospitality, gaming and so on.

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Dogtown Media is a mobile app development company who is specialized in artificial intelligence app development that can make a mobile app work smarter. They have a team of experts who work on artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable businesses to achieve productivity and efficiency.

The company builds AI solutions using Computer Vision, Model Creation, Natural Language Processing and Automation. Established in 2011, Dogtown Media is headquartered in Venice, California. Apps developed by Dogtown Media have received millions of downloads and transformed the client’s relationships with their customers.

They have built a chatbot called Shoutout for Google Home and Google Assistant platforms. This chatbot represents the conversational elements of Google Assistant with user-created content.

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ISS Art has been producing and delivering custom software solutions to the world’s top companies since 2003. With the expertise in mathematical analysis, computer science, training of neural networks and machine learning, they simplify the complicated tasks.

Their core-focused technologies are Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Text Analysis and Internet of Things. ISS Art’s projects include a solution to detect brachial plexus on an ultrasound, AI application for identifying amphibians, license recognition system, a solution to identify label position and volume of liquid in the bottle.

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Headquartered in London, UK, Systango is a software development company with enterprise-class IT and AI development services. Using an agile methodology, the company assists enterprises and startups by building intelligent custom solutions.

Their AI-focused areas are Deep Learning, Statistical Modeling, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Data Mining. Having the team of experienced designers, developers and AI engineers, the company serves industries, including Entertainment, eCommerce/marketplace, iGaming, Fintech and Social networks.

We have researched the companies that have in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, how AI can transform businesses and what industries can be transformed with AI. In case you are looking for one of the top AI companies, you can explore these companies and request a consultation for your business use case.

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Akash Takyar
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