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Top Generative AI Consulting Companies of 2024

We explore the top generative AI consulting companies recognized as leaders in the industry for their exceptional expertise in the field.

Generative AI has become a focal point in technology, with the Large language Model (LLM) market emerging as a key area of interest in 2024. Following the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, organizations are increasingly experimenting with conversational AI to improve their workflows, underscoring the need for expert guidance in this field. With 63% of IT leaders seeking external expertise for successful adoption, the role of generative AI consulting companies has never been more crucial.

In this article, we present the leading generative AI consulting companies that are shaping this domain. We evaluate them based on technical prowess, industry experience, and commitment to ethical AI practices. We will profile these top companies, highlighting their unique approaches, clientele, and impactful case studies. As forecasts suggest a 74% adoption rate of generative AI by 2025, the time to act is now. Our guide aims to help you confidently choose a strategic generative AI consulting partner, enabling you to harness this technology for innovation and business growth.

Factors we took into account to compile the list 

We have compiled this list of top generative AI consulting companies by evaluating the following factors:

  • Years of industry experience

  • Client testimonials

  • Quality of delivered products and services

  • The size of the team

  • Industries the company serves

  • Flexibility

  • Reviews by customers and references by media and other companies

  • Their understanding of industries and markets

  • The technology stack used for development

Enhance efficiency and business growth with leading
generative AI consulting Companies.

Top generative AI consulting companies of 2024

LeewayHertz is a tech consulting and development company specializing in AI and generative AI. With their extensive expertise, LeewayHertz has addressed complex tech challenges of businesses of all sizes. Some of LeewayHertz’s prominent clients include ESPN, Shell, P&G, Nascar, 3M, TraceRx, Hawaii Revealed, and ETON.

They have a dedicated team of AI consultants, AI engineers and developers who have worked on several sophisticated tech projects for major companies. The team built the world’s first robotic tea maker, Hi Arya, that uses face recognition to detect users’ faces, ML to predict users’ behavior, and speech recognition to detect voice. They have also built diverse solutions using a range of generative AI models like GPT-4, PaLM 2, Llama 3, Mistral, Mixtral, Claude and Gemini, catering to various industries such as manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. Their enterprise generative AI solution, ZBrain, is a full-stack platform for developing custom applications based on LLMs trained on users’ enterprise data.

LeewayHertz has delivered over 100 digital solutions and offers 100% transparency across the project development cycle, ensuring clarity, accountability, and seamless collaboration.




San Francisco, CA

Shell, LEK, Rackspace


2. Markovate

Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of GANs, autoencoders, RLHF, and an array of model types and other generative AI technologies, Markovate seamlessly integrates strategic AI solutions into clients’ existing workflows, resulting in heightened productivity and efficiency gains.

Markovate’s generative AI consulting service provides the advantage of assisting businesses throughout the AI implementation process. Their portfolio highlights remarkable AI-powered projects such as Writeback, which curates letters, and SmartEats, which enables real-time food tracking. Over the past decade, Markovate has helped companies of varying sizes, including Dell, Ford, Pepsico, Ripple, and Forbes, develop remarkable solutions. Markovate can serve as your strategic partner, leveraging advanced AI technology and a deep business understanding to promote growth, creativity, and ethical values.

  $25 – $49 / hr



San Francisco, USA

Writeback, SmartEats

Deeper Insights

3. Deeper Insights

Deeper Insights is an AI consultancy firm that helps businesses navigate the complex AI landscape. With their expertise spanning data extraction, machine learning, AI model development, and advanced data analytics, they equip organizations to achieve their goals through data-driven solutions. Their custom AI dashboards empower decision-making by revealing trends, predicting outcomes, and offering valuable insights. Their generative AI developers are proficient in computer vision, NLP, deep learning and more. Deeper Insights’ AI experts collaborate with clients to seamlessly integrate AI into their existing products, services, and processes, providing tailored solutions for specific use cases or business challenges.





   Marine Judge, Quant Insight

InData Labs

4. InData Labs

InData Labs is a generative AI consulting company that brings innovation to businesses with simplicity. They specialize in developing custom AI solutions, LLM applications and chatbots, helping clients address complex challenges and enhance business efficiency. With a team of world-class data scientists, generative AI consultants, advisors, and ML engineers, InData Labs brings expertise, technical know-how, and innovative approaches to projects of all sizes. Their problem-solving approach involves discovery, improvement, proof of concept, and production phases, ensuring the deployment of robust AI systems.

   $99 / hr

   51 – 100


   Nicosia, Cyprus

   naexas, ASSTRA


5. Azati

Azati is a generative AI consulting company offering a wide spectrum of AI-powered solutions tailored to various industries. With a strong focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, Azati’s consulting services cover a broad range of stages, from thorough data analysis to deployment and integration. Starting in 2016, the company’s skilled engineers have been using their extensive expertise to develop AI applications designed to improve business processes and deliver tangible, measurable results.

   $25-49/hr ​



   Livingston, NJ, USA

    Infura, Alethio


6. ThirdEyeData

ThirdEye is a generative AI consulting company specializing in advanced data and AI solutions for businesses. They are committed to enhancing operational efficiencies, improving production accuracies, and aiding informed business decisions by leveraging the potential of data & AI technologies. ThirdEye covers a wide range of areas, including AI and ML solutions, data sciences, enterprise AI solutions, and more, offering end-to-end services. Their developers focus on technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

   $25 – $49 / hr

   50 – 249


   San Jose, CA, US

   Laiout Inc, Data.World

Boston Consulting Group

7. Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is actively involved in generative AI consulting, focusing on harnessing this technology’s transformative potential for businesses. BCG collaborates with tech leaders like OpenAI and Google Cloud to bring generative AI technologies to their clients and address complex challenges using this technology. They also emphasize the importance of governance for generative AI systems and the ethical considerations tied to their usage. BCG’s expert consultants provide insights into the benefits, applications, and potential disruptions that generative AI can bring to various industries, including consumer marketing campaigns, finance, and biopharma.

$99+ / hr



MA, Boston, USA

Nissan, Ford, Pfizer

Strong Analytics

8. Strong Analytics

Strong Analytics is a custom ML software and solutions provider based in Chicago. They excel in developing custom generative AI models to address specific organizational challenges and objectives. Their expertise extends across domains like deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and reinforcement learning, and they use models like GPT-4 and BERT to develop solutions.

Their deep development expertise, coupled with an established history of successful collaborations with industry leaders like ReUp Education and Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America, establishes them as a highly valued generative AI consulting firm.




   Chicago, Illinois, United States

   H&M, Mercedes-Benz


9. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a generative AI development company that offers a comprehensive suite of services, including generative AI consulting. Their expertise in deep learning, GANs, and reinforcement learning enables them to develop AI-generated models and applications that drive innovation, surpassing industry benchmarks. OpenXcell’s ability to integrate generative AI seamlessly into existing business processes and their holistic approach to consulting, covering data preparation, modeling, algorithm development, implementation, and ongoing support, is truly noteworthy. From healthcare and finance to entertainment, automotive, and creative sectors, OpenXcell caters to the needs of businesses across industries.

   < $25 / hr

   250 – 999


   Las Vegas ,CA

   Dupont, Blizzard

How did we compile this list of top generative AI consulting companies?

Compiling this list of top generative AI consulting companies involved a rigorous evaluation process to ensure reliability. Our comprehensive approach encompassed multiple factors that highlighted the companies’ expertise and impact in the field of generative AI.

Expertise and specialization: We analyzed each consulting firm’s proficiency in generative AI, considering their experience, technical skills, and knowledge of the latest advancements in the field. Firms with specialized teams dedicated to generative AI and related technologies stood out.

Project portfolio: The range and complexity of projects undertaken by these firms played a vital role in our assessment. We considered the diversity of industries served, the scale of projects, and the innovative solutions developed using generative AI.

Client feedback and reputation: The opinions of clients collaborating with these consulting firms provided valuable insights. We scrutinized client feedback, testimonials, and reviews to gauge customer satisfaction and the solutions’ impact.

Thought leadership: We evaluated the firm’s contributions to the generative AI community through thought leadership, publications, presentations, and participation in industry events. Firms that demonstrated a commitment to constantly updating the understanding and application of generative AI earned higher recognition.

Technological innovation: Our assessment included the firm’s adoption of cutting-edge technologies, tools, and methodologies in generative AI development and deployment. A commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements signaled a forward-thinking approach.

Customization and results: We examined the firm’s ability to provide tailored solutions aligning with the client’s unique business objectives. The impact of their generative AI solutions on enhancing efficiency, innovation, and overall business performance was a crucial factor.

Industry recognition: Any awards or industry recognition earned by consulting firms for their generative AI projects and contributions were taken into account as they validate their expertise and excellence.


Understanding the complexities of generative AI requires more than just enthusiasm; it demands a partnership with seasoned experts who understand the intricacies of this evolving technology. Collaborating with proficient generative AI consulting firms empowers businesses to harness their full potential, unlocking creativity, efficiency, and problem-solving that drive success. In a world where innovation drives progress, seeking guidance from top generative AI consulting companies becomes a strategic choice for enterprises that aspire to flourish in the era of generative AI. By embracing this technology and leveraging the expertise of trusted partners, businesses position themselves to thrive amidst disruption, accelerate growth, and achieve their visionary goals.

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Why should businesses consider hiring generative AI consulting firms in 2024?

Considering generative AI consulting companies in 2024 is vital for businesses. Here are the reasons:

  • Expertise: Generative AI consulting firms leverage their specialized knowledge and experience to help clients navigate the complexities of this advanced technology, ensuring they can fully leverage its potential.
  • Custom solutions: These firms tailor generative AI solutions to address specific industry challenges and objectives, optimizing their impact on business operations.
  • Strategic guidance: Generative AI consulting companies provide strategic insights and roadmaps for successful AI adoption, helping companies stay competitive and innovative.
  • Efficiency: By streamlining operations and automating tasks, generative AI solutions enhance efficiency and free up resources for more creative and strategic endeavors.

How did we compile the list of the top generative AI consulting companies of 2024?

The selection process for the top generative AI consulting companies involved a rigorous evaluation based on several key factors. These factors included expertise & specialization, project portfolio, client feedback and reputation, thought leadership, technological innovation, and industry recognition. Companies that excelled in these areas earned a spot on the list.

What industries do generative AI consulting companies serve?

Generative AI consulting companies cater to diverse industries, encompassing healthcare, finance, entertainment, automotive, and creative sectors. Their expertise in generative AI allows them to provide tailored solutions that address industry-specific challenges and objectives.

Do generative AI consulting firms also provide development services?

Yes, generative AI consulting firms often offer their clients both consulting and development services. These firms typically start by providing consulting services, which involve assessing a client’s needs, defining AI strategy, and identifying opportunities where generative AI can add value. During this phase, they may conduct feasibility studies, recommend the right AI technologies and approaches, and outline project scopes.

Once the consulting phase is complete and a strategic plan is in place, generative AI consulting firms may proceed to the development phase. This involves designing, implementing, and deploying generative AI solutions tailored to the client’s requirements. Development services may encompass data collection and preprocessing, model training and fine-tuning, integration with existing systems, and ongoing support and maintenance.

By offering both consulting and development services, generative AI consulting firms ensure a holistic approach to AI implementation, guiding clients from strategy formulation to practical implementation of AI solutions, thus maximizing the impact of generative AI within the client’s organization.

Do generative AI consulting companies provide ongoing support and maintenance?

Yes, all competent generative AI consulting companies provide ongoing support and maintenance services to guarantee the sustained excellence of the AI solutions they build. These services often include monitoring, updates, troubleshooting, and adapting AI models to evolving business needs.

Do generative AI consulting companies guide clients with respect to ethical considerations and responsible AI?

Yes, generative AI consulting companies typically guide their clients with respect to ethical considerations and responsible AI practices. These firms recognize the importance of ethical AI development and usage and offer expertise to help clients navigate potential ethical challenges. They often provide recommendations, frameworks, and best practices to ensure that AI solutions align with ethical standards, respect privacy, and adhere to relevant regulations, fostering responsible AI deployment within organizations.

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