A Comprehensive Suite of Solana Blockchain Development Services and Solutions

LeewayHertz offers full-stack Solana blockchain development services and solutions under one umbrella, facilitating centralized access to Solana’s enterprise-grade programmability, scalability, and speed.

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Our Solana Development Services

Software Development

Solana Blockchain Consulting

Our consultancy services help you better analyze and understand the benefits of deploying your blockchain project on Solana. We create the complete success roadmap for your project, defining the market analytics, technical strategy and development & delivery procedure.
Software Development

Solana dApp Development

We provide Solana dApp development services for all types of blockchain projects ranging from Defi to NFT marketplaces to enterprise-grade applications. Our developers are well versed in Solana-specific programming languages like Rust; frameworks like Anchor and Command-line interface.
Software Development

Token Development

We help you tokenize your assets by creating and launching new SPL tokens pinned with high-end functionality based on your business needs. We also edit existing tokens. We create tokens that powers dApps, useful for investment purpose and exchangeable on decentralized exchanges.
Software Development

Smart Contract Development

Well-versed in Rust and C+ programming, our developers create Solana-based custom smart contracts catering to specific business needs. Our smart contract development services help automate business processes making them safer, faster, and more efficient.

Software Development

Maintenance and Upgrade

Our after-deployment maintenance services keep your Solana projects up and running without any downtime. Also, to accommodate new functionalities and capacities into your blockchain project, we provide version upgrade services and scale up your project as per your changing requirements.
Software Development

Wallet Development

We provide web and mobile wallet development services for all kinds of Solana blockchain projects and dApps. We ensure the wallets are easy to use, secure, and regulation-compliant with payment integration solutions.

Our Solana Blockchain Solutions

Software Development

Defi Solutions

We help enhance the prospect of your Defi projects by developing and deploying them in the Solana ecosystem pined with scalability, blazing speed, and low fees. Our Defi solutions range across Asset Management, Decentralized exchanges, Margin Trading and Decentralized Lending.

Software Development

Payments and Digital Currencies

We help make your cross-border payments more secure, trustless, rapid, stable and scalable by delivering effective Solana-powered dApp and Smart Contract solutions across verticals like crypto loan platforms, P2P lending, decentralized exchanges, etc.

Software Development

Decentralized Cloud Storage

Our ready-to-deploy decentralized cloud storage solution help keep your blockchain project’s data safe and secured by keeping them encrypted, private, globally distributed and always available at your fingertips. We also do custom development of decentralized cloud storage solutions.

Software Development

Automated Market Makers

To facilitate automated and permission-less decentralized trading of digital assets, we offer Automated Market Maker(AMM) solution. Our AMM solution fixes the problem of limited liquidity in traditional exchanges by enabling 24/7 liquidity through liquidity pools.

Software Development

Decentralized Exchange

We provide comprehensive Solana-based development services for Decentralized Exchanges. From developing DEX platforms to building tools like Blockchain explorer, Automated Market Marker and Wallets, we help you gain a competitive edge in Defi Market.

Software Development

NFT Marketplace Development

Solana ticks all the boxes for an NFT marketplace-focused chain for its speed, scalability and programmability. We help you launch custom NFT Marketplaces on the Solana blockchain to give your customers a seamless experience around asset tokenization and NFT trading.

Technology Stack for Solana Blockchain Development

Solana SDK

Solana SDKs

Our team of developers can provide you with satisfactory programming and development outputs, for they are learned in all types of Solana SDKs, including Java, Swift, Python, Dart, Javascript, Go and others.

Anchor frame work

Anchor Frame Work

Our developers have programing experience in Ethereum’s Solidity, Truffle, web3.js. Much similar to Solidity, Solana uses the Anchor framework for Solana’s sealevel Runtime to provide developers with tools for smart contract and dApp development.

Solana CLI

Solana Command-line tool (CLI)

Our developers are proficient in using the Solana command-line tool (CLI). CLI is needed to interact with the Solana blockchain, create a wallet, send and receive SOL tokens, and delegate stake. Our developers can build the Solana tool suite from the source also.

C, C++

C, C++ and Rust

Solana supports writing on-chain smart contracts only using the C, C++ and Rust programming languages. We have developers well versed in these languages. Using Rust, they create Rust modules necessary to support the Solana-specific mechanisms in the smart contracts.

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