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Hire Corda Developers

Hire our Corda Developers who build blockchain solutions to eliminate the need for intermediaries to process transactions from one end to another. Our Corda Development Team has hands-on experience in developing and delivering enterprise-grade Corda networks.

Hire Dedicated Developers
Hire Dedicated Developers clients of leewayhertz

Why Should You Build a Blockchain App on the Corda Platform?

Flexible & Agile

Corda is an agile and flexible platform that can scale to meet business requirements. You can easily migrate to Corda Enterprise as requirements evolve.

Flexible & Agile

Corda is an agile and flexible platform that can scale to meet business requirements. You can easily migrate to Corda Enterprise as requirements evolve.


Corda Platform allows businesses to transact directly, securely and seamlessly. All versions of Corda can interoperate with each other on Corda Network.


Transaction data between parties on the Corda network is private unless other permissionless blockchain networks. It offers bank-grade security and rules out bad actors.

High Potential & Transparent

Corda is fast and has the capability to compute around 200,000 transactions within a few seconds. With Consensus Time Stamping, no one can control the order of transactions on Corda.

Corda Development Services Offered by Our Corda Developers

Web Application Development

Corda App Consulting

We have a team of blockchain experts who can help you evaluate the Corda platform’s need for your business use case and identify how it can be implemented across your business operations.

Web Application Development

PoC Development

Our developers can demonstrate the potential of your decentralized peer-to-peer application on the Corda platform. By building a PoC for your app, we ensure to convert ideas into reality.

Web Application Development

Smart Contracts Development

Our Corda Blockchain Development Team has experience working on Kotlin language and creating smart contracts that target JavaScript and JVM.

Web Application Development

CorDapp Development

Hire Corda Developers from our team of blockchain experts who can identify on-chain and off-chain data and develop secure and robust CorDapps that run on the Corda platform.

Upgrades & Maintenance

If you already have an existing CorDapp, but you want to upgrade it to the Corda platform’s newer version, hire our Corda Developers. They can help you upgrade your application seamlessly and keep it up-to-date at all times.

Legacy App Modernization

We implement best-in-class methods to modernize and migrate existing centralized apps to distributed ledger technology using the Corda Blockchain Platform.

Why Should You Hire Corda Developers from LeewayHertz?


Using the industry-grade project management tools and Agile Software Development methodology, we keep you updated at every development step. 

Expertise in Blockchain Development

Our blockchain developers have built and delivered 20+ blockchain projects on various blockchain platforms, including Corda, Hyperledger, Stellar, Tron and Tezos.

Flexible Engagement Models

You can hire Corda Developers from our large team of blockchain experts on a fixed-cost, monthly or hourly basis as per your requirement. 


By hiring our dedicated Corda Developers, we enable you to scale up or decrease your Corda development team’s size based on your project requirements.

How Can You Hire Our Corda Developers?

Send Project Requirements

You send us your project requirements that you are looking to build and we get on a consultation call to understand your needs.

Select CVs

We share the CVs of our Corda developers based on the skillset required by your project and allow you to shortlist CVs of developers.

Interview Corda Developers

Once you select the CVs, you can interview the shortlisted Corda Developers and decide whether you want to work with our developers or not.

Hire Corda Developers

If you decide to work with our team, you can hire dedicated Corda Developers who work as your extended team and dedicatedly on your project.

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4. Project Kickoff

Once the project is signed, we bring together a team from a range of disciplines to kick start your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corda?

Corda is a distributed ledger technology used to maintain a shared ledger of transactions. The involved parties don’t have to check their books continually. Corda is to be used by businesses and institutions, mainly related to the financial sector.

What are CorDapps?

CorDapps stand for Corda Distributed Applications. These are distributed applications that run on the Corda platform. They enable all nodes to reach agreements on updates to the ledger.

What are your Corda blockchain development services?

Our Corda blockchain development services include:

Corda App Consulting

We provide strategic consulting to our clients on Corda implementation for their business. Our Corda Blockchain Developers team can identify if your solution needs the Corda platform by evaluating your business requirements.

CorDapp Development

Our team can build secure CorDapps. While building CorDapps, we define:

    • User Personas
    • Technical Components
    • On-Chain and Off-Chain Data
    • Microservices 
    • DB Requirements 

User Interfaces

Our designers understand blockchain protocols and ensure to implement industry standards while creating wireframe designs, low fidelity and high fidelity designs.

Smart Contracts

Our blockchain development team has deployed over a hundred smart contracts for blockchain solutions. With expertise in Kotlin language, our Corda developers can create smart contracts targeting JVM and JavaScript.

Regulated Tokens

R3 is positioned to support the token economy in a regulated and secure way. Hence, our team can help businesses raise funds by creating regulated tokens.

Create Custom CorDapp on Public and Private Network

Our team can help our clients to:

    • Launch Corda Nodes
    • Enable Permissioning on smart contracts to build and provide a custom CorDapp.
    • Launch an app on both private and public networks