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Hire our DevOps engineers to scale your business quickly and get DevOps services, ranging from development, automation, plugin integration to API development. Our DevOps engineers work as your extended team, therefore, you get a complete control over the team.

Saas development

Automating your software delivery process with DevOps 

Using a wide variety of tools and technologies, including Jenkins, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, Maven and more,  our DevOps Engineers can help you manage core server operations and application development. Our goal is to reduce the time-to-market for a product by automating the software delivery process.

Our DevOps Hiring Models

Suited ForEntrepreneurEntrepreneur & StartupStartup CompanyEnterprises & Government Firm
Size of ProjectLargeMedium to LargeSmall & MediumLarge
Requirement TypeEvolvingFixedFixedEvolving
Client’s InvolmentLowMediumHighLow
Time FrameEstimatedFixedFixedEstimated
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Our DevOps Engineers have expertise in

IT Consulting

End-to-End Deployment Automation

Our Deployment automation services enable you to deploy your software to testing and production environments with the click of a button.
Visual and Technical Designs

Continuous Integration and Configuration Management

Our team can seamlessly implement DevOps services and solutions using continuous integration and continuous deployment approach. The objective is to securely write, test, as well as release high-quality code with a myriad of tools like Jenkins, Bluemix, etc.

IT Consulting

Testing and monitoring

Our team of DevOps engineers can help you configure clusters and servers for improving security. Our team is skilled in the monitoring of logs and the implementation of patches. We have in-depth knowledge of DevOps tools including, AppDynamics, Splunk, New Relic, etc.

Visual and Technical Designs

DevOps Consulting Services

Our team Identifies the best DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and optimize your existing IT structure and resource usage to meet your goals faster, with fewer errors and less investment.

IT Consulting

Managed cloud Services

Our DevOps engineers can integrate your current infrastructure with cloud to reduce the cost and increase the scalability of the IT ecosystem. We work on the different cloud platforms including, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

Visual and Technical Designs

Infrastructure Automation

Our tech experts can help organizations develop and automate robust infrastructure to meet the growing and fast-changing business needs. With DevOps infrastructure automation, companies can boost cross-team collaboration, enhance efficiency, fasten their IT operations and track performance using monitoring tools.

How can you hire our DevOps Engineer?

When you send us an inquiry and connect with us to share your project requirements with our experts., we share the CVs of our DevOps engineer who have the skill set that your project requires. Once you shortlist CVs of DevOps engineers you wish to work with, you can interview them. Once our Engineer qualify your requirements, you can hire them for your project and they work for you as your extended team.

DevOps Tools We Are Working With

Continuous Integration




Continuous Delivery








Our DevOps Development Work

Our DevOps Engineers have completed over 100 projects using DevOps development model. Following are some of the projects handled by our team of DevOps Engineers.

Internet of Things

Multi-Room Speaker Controls App

Riva is a powerful multi-room audio solution controlled by iOS and Android devices to stream multiple speakers without any acoustic latency. Our team of developers, designers and architect teamed up with the OEM and platform provider to offer a robust and scalable app experience.

Riva speakers are Google and Apple certified and have won the CES awards.

CMS and Mobile App Development

Digital Solution for Award-Winning Island Guidebooks

Our Full Stack Developers  work with Wizard Publications to convert their series of four island guidebooks into a mobile app. It is a perfect companion to our award-winning island guidebooks. The GPS feature helps you to navigate on the islands to remote locations without any signal on your iPhone or iPad device.

We develop a CMS to update and publish content to the mobile app. You can explore hidden beaches, restaurants, hotels, activities and more.

Team Size : 40+   Total No of Hour: 800+  Development: Mobile App for both Platform, CMS 


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LeewayHertz Clients
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