Generative AI use cases and applications: Exploring GenAI’s impact across industries

Generative AI demonstrates versatile applications across diverse industries, leveraging its capacity to create novel content, simulate human behavior, and generate innovative outputs based on learned patterns.


How EdTech Applications help Educational Institutes through the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Edtech is helping educational institutes to promote online education and learning for students amid COVID19 that has affected studies vastly.

blockchain in healthcare

How AI helps in Early Infectious Disease Surveillance?

Early infectious disease surveillance is key to prevention. Using AI, it is possible to automate surveillance and take timely precautions.

smart metering

Impact of IoT on Smart Metering

Smart Metering is one of the crucial steps in developing smart cities. Read this article to understand how IoT helps in smart metering.


How IoT Can Transform the Procure-to-Pay Process?

IoT has the potential to transform procure to pay process by automating processes from procurement to delivery and invoicing.

What is Custom Software Development?

What is custom software development?

This article is a complete guide to understanding custom software development, its pros and cons, best practices and process.

how technology helps fight coronavirus

How technology is helping to fight against CoronaVirus?

Technology is helping Chinese authorities and locals to fight against the Coronavirus in many ways, for e.g., thermal scanning, mask detection and more.

How AI and IoT can transform the logistics and transportation management ecosystem?

We have explained the end-to-end logistics and transportation management process & how AI and IoT can be applied to transform the current process.

Everything you should know about Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation involves software robots that mimic human activities by interacting with applications the same way a person does.

AI Development Company

Top AI Consulting Companies for business digital transformation

Here are the top 10 AI Consulting Companies to explore in 2024.


Top 6 Software Development Methodologies

Software Development Methodologies play a crucial role in developing the software. Choosing the right method determines the success of a project.

Asset Tokenization – Real Assets on the Blockchain

Asset Tokenization is the process of converting real assets into digital assets on blockchain that enable fractional ownership of assets.

App Developers 2024 | Top App Development Companies

We have identified the top 10 custom software development companies based on experience, reviews, ratings, development capabilities and pricing.

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