TOP 10 STO Consulting Service Providers 2022

In today’s technological era, Security Token Offerings (STO) has gained more traction as it offers more opportunities with fewer risks to crypto investors.

If a token is regulated with federal security regulations and can obtain its value from an external and tradable asset, then it would be considered as a security token.

An STO can maximize the funds by issuing a security token.

A massive amount of consultation in various fields is required to launch an STO.

Extensive knowledge in technology, marketing, management, finance and legal regulation is required when it comes to launching an STO.

Since STO is new to the market, there are only a few STO consulting firms that are skilled and can assist clients looking for STO launch services.

Our criteria for selecting the leading STO consulting firms is based on the following steps which have helped us to make a qualitative analysis of STO service providers.

Factors to choose an STO consulting Firm

1. Legal Expertise

Legal expertise is one of the most important aspects of successful STO. While searching for the legal expert, ensure that the consulting firm introduces the client to their STO Legal partners.

Since the legal partner would act as a legal representative, get advice regarding STO regulations.

Even if the consultant selected by the client is not directly responsible for the project’s compliance, the consultant should know legal restrictions around the process, to avoid any potential pitfalls.

2. A Strong Investor Network

A successful STO depends on the network of investors. Choose the project team that has a good network including advisors, brokers, and fundraisers so that STO can reach the right people.

As compared to ICOs, STOs require accredited investor networks of consultants, advisors, brokers and fundraisers.

Since investor’s network makes use of regulatory exemptions, it prevents companies from selling security token to the public.

The potential STO consulting firm should connect projects directly with ideal investors through their network. A company with such capability can conduct some due diligence on the client’s project before presenting it to the network.

3. Creative Problem-Solving Skills

Choose the smart consultant who thinks out of the box and has a unique perspective. STO consultants should be agile and should quickly respond to any situation especially when it comes to a new industry.

Since the STO is in its nascent phase, choosing the right and suitable STO consulting firm is a tedious task. Therefore, we have discovered the list of top STO firms by exploring their experience with IPOs’ and blockchain products.

List of top 10 STO Consulting Service Providers who can handle STO projects in an efficient manner

  1. LeewayHertz
  2. Infinite Block Tech
  3. IBC Group
  5. Priority Token
  6. Kryptoia
  7. AmaZix
  8. Espeo Blockchain
  9. Blockchain Partner
  10. TokyoTechie

LeewayHertz Logo

Established in 2007, LeewayHertz has gained momentum in various fields of the IT industry.

From many years of experience, the company has in-depth knowledge of the technologies such as cryptocurrency, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

LeewayHertz is a pioneer in providing end-to-end STO launch services. The company caters to its clients with the best legal partner who can offer legal regulations to launch STO in various countries.

Also, the company is partnered with the top custodian firms, helping the clients to perform AML/KYC and collateralize assets.

STO services offered by the LeewayHertz includes legal services, landing page, security token development, whitepaper, custodian integration and STO marketing.

Need help with launching your security token?

LeewayHertz STO Launch and Development Services

Infinite Block Tech is the market leader in blockchain technology with extensive experience in building digital currency. From utility tokens to security tokens, the company has helped many enterprises raise funds digitally.

Infinite Block Tech has built a state-of-the-art security token platform using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Also, experts at the company are a pioneer in Security token platform development.

Being one of the leading STO consulting firms, IBC Group enables entrepreneurs & startups to bring sustainable business success with value-driven blockchain services & solutions. 

The company has a specialized team that delivers STO launch services with next-generation disruptive technologies to enable the business to grow in the competitive era. is a global company that provides STO/IEO services to their clients.

Having three years of experience in crypto and seven years in financial services, can provide their clients with the high-octane STO launch services including marketing, global PR and consulting.

The company has 100+ experts, helping their clients with the fundraising strategy and deploying it successfully.

The UK-based company, Priority Token is the leading STO consulting firm that provides promotion and fundraising services to their clients.

With hands-on experience in the IT industry, they understand how to make the client’s STO project from good to exceptional.

Services offered by the company include IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), STO fundraising and legal framework.

Established in 2018, Kryptoia has become one of the leading STO advisors in the world. The consultancy team of the company is equipped with industry knowledge and stays updated to serve its clients in an optimum way.

Services offered by the company include all elements of traditional consultancy like assessment, analysis, recommendation and business transformation ideas.

The company designs tailored STO marketing strategies and executes them. Kryptoia has a global network of STO consultants, blockchain programmers, engineers, crypto economists and blockchain influencers.

AmaZix is one of the emerging STO consulting firms that help their clients with quality-driven services including advisory, translations, website and whitepaper service. 

Clients can get an end-to-end solution that covers everything required to launch TGE/STO.

Espeo Blockchain, a team of blockchain and digital currency marketers, has expertise and knowledge to bring technical and complex solutions to the market. Also, the team at Espeo Blockchain has complete knowledge about STO.

The company is an STO advisor as well as blockchain partner that can help their client with the right business strategies.

STO launch services offered by the Espeo Blockchain includes auditing, smart contract development, token page design and auditing.

Founded in 2017, Blockchain Partner is a pioneer and global market leader in crypto-financial services. The company has successfully delivered projects in the crypto space with the help of their expert team.

The company is one of the most recognized organizations for the blockchain and crypto-assets. STO services offered by Blockchain Partner includes compliance and legal counseling, technical package, STO reviews and studies along with the communication and marketing services.

Tokyo Techie is the global IT development and consulting firm that has served many enterprises for many years.

Tokyo Techie is the STO development company that offers the best marketing solutions which help to increase capital, leads and traffic.

The team can provide clients with the comprehensive STO Marketing services and assist them to achieve goals successfully within timelines and budget.

The companies mentioned above are experts in fields including STO consulting, advertising, fundraising and development services. Selecting the best STO consulting firm can offer the client ample business opportunities that help them grow and reach the pinnacle of success.

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Webinar Details

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