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Our Web Application Development team builds business-driven and user-focused web apps

Web Application Development
Web Application Development

We build enterprise-grade web solutions that are designed to enrich business capabilities

We implement agile web application development methods to achieve optimum adaptability, scalability, and functionality. Our team ensures to meet business challenges and provide compelling solutions with reliable, fast and efficient custom web applications.

Our Web Application Development Services

Web Application Development

SaaS Application Development

Our SaaS developers can develop secure and multi-tenantSaaS web solutions that allow you to expand the scope of your web app as the business grows.

Web Application Development

Back-end Development

Our backend web developers use microservices architecture to achieve scalability, services like AWS and Azure to host the backend and SQL and NoSQL databases to store and fetch data reliably.  

Digital Transformation

We adapt to the changing business environments with seamless cross-platform migration of existing applications to new technologies, ensuring zero data leakages.

Mobile Web Application Development Company

We utilize the latest mobile technologies to develop feature-centric hybrid and native apps. Mobile apps built by our team are robust, scalable and user-centric, built to provide an engaging user experience to clients and their customers.

Web Application Development

Front-end Development

Our developers can build single-page web apps with the reusable and component-driven architecture of React.js, Angular.js, Vue.js.

Web Application Development

Progressive Web Apps

We develop mobile-first and cross-platform web apps with responsive UX and modern web APIs to decrease bounce rates and increase customer engagement. 

Custom Web Application Development Services

We are specialized in building custom web apps that ensure compatibility, scalability and usability, ensuring consistent user experiences across the different devices and browsers.

AI Application Development

We develop AI-based web apps to build recommendation engines, implement image recognition and enable intelligent automation.   

Technologies our Custom Software Developers work on

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

We implement AI in web apps to make search faster, enable relevant customer interaction and provide a personalized user experience.
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Blockchain Applications

Machine Learning

We use machine learning to identify patterns based on the data, understand customer behavior and boost customer engagement.
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Artificial Intelligence

Voice-Enabled Solution

Our team of web app developers can integrate speech recognition into your web apps and enable voice search within a web application.
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Blockchain Applications


We broaden horizons, achieve better efficiency, and harness the power of smart contracts and decentralized storage by building blockchain-based web apps.
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Internet of things

Internet of Things

We use IoT to transform user interactions and front-end interfaces that allow users to interact with sensors, cameras and other devices on the internet.
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Robotic Process Automation


We use RPA tools to add intelligent automation to web applications that enable users to convert tedious tasks into UI automation.
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Our Web Application Development Platforms 


Microsoft Azure

Deploy dApps with advanced features such as smart contract-based multi-party workflow, along with the reliability and flexibility of Microsoft’s blockchain development toolkit.


Google Cloud

Reap the benefits of Google’s Pay as You feature and deploy highly interoperable web applications on the cloud for zero up-front charges. 


Easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, efficient, secure and work with multiple Blockchain frameworks, including Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and Corda.



Power web applications with Alibaba’s Apsara, the computational engine revered for its hybrid capabilities, and experience enhanced cloud security.

Why we are the top Web Application Development Company?

Dependable Software

Web application development services that involve rigorous testing and adherence to global standards for building smooth, efficient, and reliable custom applications, which ensure better conversion metrics.

Agile Practices

We deliver risk-free and sustainable solutions, actualized by our agile web-based application development practices, and driven, multi-faceted and cross-functional teams

Cutting Edge Technology

With updated technology stack and experienced web developers, our web application development company strives to help clients achieve faster time-to-market and adapt to the ever-evolving business environment.

Best Customer Experience

Enhance Customer engagements to consolidate brand image with applications that are sleek, progressive, and support advanced features such as chat, location sharing and more.

Web Application Development Process



TraceRx: A Global Pharma Supply Chain Solution for International Aid Distribution

LeewayHertz has successfully built a web-based application on blockchain for TraceRx. TraceRx is a Platform for Tracing Shipment of Drugs. It allows the UNO to trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses.

Software Development
LeewayHertz Blockchain Supply chain Work


TraceRx: A Global Pharma Supply Chain Solution for International Aid Distribution

LeewayHertz has successfully built a drug supply chain network running on blockchain for TraceRx. The project was recognized with the Richmond SCORE Award. It allows tracking of the shipment of medical help aids. UNO can trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses using TraceRx. It made recalling of drugs traceable and efficient. Built on HyperLedger blockchain with end-to-end transparency resulting in reduced cost of distribution.

Healthcare Software Development
Telemedicine App

Telemedicine Platform For Hospitals and Clinics

We have built a secure and scalable Telemedicine App that allows Doctors and Patients to Communicate via Video, Voice and Text. Hospitals and Clinics can use our ready-to-deploy telemedicine app to generate more consulting for patients and doctors. It is not a marketplace, instead, it will be your private app for your clinic or healthcare institute.


Multi-Room Speaker Controls App
Riva is a powerful multi-room audio solution controlled by iOS and Android devices to stream multiple speakers without any acoustic latency. Our team of developers, designers and architects teamed up with the OEM and platform provider to offer a robust and scalable app experience.

Riva speakers are Google and Apple certified and have won the CES awards.

LeewayHertz Clients
LeewayHertz Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are web app development company services?

Following are some of the web app development company services:

  1. Front-end Development
    Front-end development is the process of building the front face of web apps using which users interact with the website.
  2. Back-end Development
    Back-end development is the creation of backend of a web app that is developed to store and fetch data reliably. Our web app developers use microservices architecture to achieve scalability and cloud-hosting services like Azure and AWS to host the backend of the web app.
  3. Custom Web App
    Our Web App Development Team develops custom web apps that ensure scalability, usability and compatibility.
  4. Progressive Web Apps
    Our team builds cross-platform and mobile-first web applications using modern web APIs and responsive UX to increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rates.
I need professional web development services, no less. How can I find a reliable company with sufficient experience?

When finding the best company with relevant experience in web app development domain, make sure to consider the following key points:

  1. Check the portfolio of the web app development company.
  2. Look at the number of years of experience of a web app development firm.
  3. Size of the team of web app developers
  4. Technology Stack, a company works on
What is the best platform to build Web Applications?
  1. Following are some of the best platforms to build web apps:

    1. Angular.JS
    2. Laravel
    3. Node.js
    4. Ruby on Rails
    5. Zend
    6. Ember.js
    7. ASP.net
    8. Codeigniter
I own a small business. Do I need custom web application development services?

It depends on your business requirements and demands whether you require web app development services. If you want to expand your small business, it can be a good idea to have a web application for your business. Using a web app, you can gain brand visibility and increase customer base, helping you drive more revenue.

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