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We have researched thoroughly on top blockchain resources from different countries such as US, UK, Australia, Canada and more to help you find the right technology partner. We have consolidated a complete list of top blockchain developers and come up with a comprehensive guide that includes:


Top Blockchain Development Companies

Based on the data collected from top listing sites

Comparison of Blockchain Companies

Top Blockchain Developers

Based on the data collected from different freelance sites

Comparison of Blockchain Companies

Individual Blockchain Developers vs Blockchain Development Companies

It is essential to understand what you are looking for when it comes to finding the blockchain developers. Consider various aspects of your company and the type of blockchain project you have in your mind:

  • Are you a startup or well-established enterprise?
  • What is your company culture like?
  • Is your idea complex?

You may come across various factors while hiring the blockchain developer, for example, the type of project, number of people you require, whether you need individual developers or a blockchain development company with a team of developers. 

Understanding what the businesses need, we have categorized blockchain developers into two types:

  1. Blockchain Development Company with a team of Blockchain Developers
  2. Individual/Freelance Blockchain Developers

Comparison of Blockchain Companies having a team of Blockchain Developers

Working with a professional blockchain development company can offer you plenty of benefits. First, you will always have a team on your side who will be responsible for managing your project from scratch. Second, the company has experience in handling small to big projects with a team that grows from time to time. 

We have researched thoroughly and compiled a list of top blockchain companies that have a team of skilled blockchain developers.

When you look out for good blockchain developers, don’t expect them to be the best programmers. Instead, you should find the developers who are multi-faceted and specialized in multiple technology tools and languages. 

To help you understand what skills should you look in a blockchain developer, we have created a checklist that will assist you in finding the right talent. 


Checklist for hiring the best blockchain developers


1. Basic Development Skills

Firstly, a blockchain expert should be a developer who thinks about solving the problem logically and quantifies the data. They should have a fundamental knowledge of programming concepts, including OOPs, flat and relational database and procedural language.

Besides programming fundamentals, blockchain developers should also understand data structures such as Stack, LinkedList, Tree, Hash Tables and Queues. They should also have a good understanding of time and resource complexity of data structures.

Since blockchain is decentralized, it is essential to write the code efficiently to minimize the memory or network bandwidth usage.

Blockchain developers should alsoknow basic architectures like MVVM, Microservices, MVC and Document-View Architecture.

2. Understanding of Blockchain Concepts

When it comes to hiring blockchain developers, ensure that they must have a deep understanding of blockchain concepts, including immutability, consensus, DLT, smart contracts, tokenization, dApps, blockchain permissions and sharding. They should be able to decide which is the right blockchain platform for a specific use case.

3. Experience on multiple blockchain platforms

An expert who can work on a wide array of blockchain platforms is considered as the best blockchain developer. If you are planning to hire the team of blockchain experts or an individual developer, ensure to ask if they have experience of working on different blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger frameworks, Ethereum, EOS, Corda and more.

An experienced developer should be able to decide the right blockchain platform and technology stack for building a specific blockchain app. They should know how to set up development, testing, pre-production and release environment.

4. Work Experience
A blockchain developer should have an experience of at least 5-7 years in app development for building an enterprise-grade solution. Before you hire a developer for your project, ask them about their work experience and ask if they have built and delivered any blockchain solution to enterprises or startups.

Also, make sure if they can upgrade the blockchain apps in case of any OS updates or system updates. Working with different individual developers can be complicated as it becomes challenging to track the progress of a project.

Consider hiring an expert who can build an end-to-end enterprise-grade blockchain solution.

Among the above factors, one factor that plays a significant role is the blockchain development tools used by the blockchain developer.

Let’s discuss some of the tools that every blockchain developer should know about.


What are some of the tools used by blockchain developers?


Blockchain development tools can be categorized into three types:

  • Blockchain Protocols
  • Development Tools
  • Environment for deployment

Some of the popular blockchain protocols are as follows:

  • Ethereum
    Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform which has been founded by Vitalk Buterin in late 2013 to build blockchain apps and smart contracts. It has EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) which provides a run-time environment to execute smart contracts on Ethereum.
  • Hyperledger Fabric
    Hyperledger Fabric is a project of Hyperledger and explicitly designed to develop blockchain-based applications using a modular architecture. Fabric is used for building permissioned blockchain apps and allows only known identities to participate within the system.
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth
    Hyperledger Sawtooth is another project of Hyperledger that allows to create, deploy and execute distributed ledgers. Using Proof of Elapsed Time algorithm, Sawtooth can integrate with hardware security solutions.
  • Corda
    Corda is also one of the popular blockchain platforms that allow businesses to transact without intermediaries using smart contracts.  Since it is a permissioned blockchain platform, it only allows the known participants to access the data. Corda blockchain platform can be implemented across various use cases, including healthcare, government authorities and supply chain.
  • EOS
    EOS is an open-source blockchain platform which has been designed for dApps development. It aims to provide decentralized app’s hosting, smart contracts capability, decentralized storage of enterprise solutions, thereby overcoming the challenges faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Click here to read more about blockchain protocols/platforms.

Some of the development tools used by blockchain developers:

  • Remix IDE
    Remix is a browser-based tool which is designed for creating and deploying smart contracts. It can also be used to write, test, debug, test and deploy smart contracts in a programming language called Solidity.
  • Solc
    Solidity is a programming language which has a syntax similar to that of ECMA script and used for creating smart contracts on Ethereum platform. Solc is used for converting Solidity script into a format readable by EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).
  • Ganache
    Ganache is a tool from Truffle Suite using which developers can create their private Ethereum blockchain for testing dApps. dApp deployment directly on Ethereum can charge a lot of gas to verify transactions. The tool allows you to test applications without any gas fee.
  • EtherScripter
    EtherScripter comes with an easy-to-use interface that allows developers to code basic contracts. Since it has a drag and drop interface, developers can easily connect jigsaw puzzles pieces to develop the contract. EtherScripter can be used only with a serpent programming language.

How to not lose money when hiring blockchain developers?

When it comes to hiring blockchain developers, you should be extra careful as blockchain has entered the technology market only a few years back, and it is still in its early stages. First of all, you should understand what do you require before hiring a team of developers. Secondly, you should have a defined set of skills to look for resources in the right places.

To ensure you don’t lose money, we have created a list of factors that should be considered when hiring the blockchain developers.

  • Blockchain development is a lot more than writing code
    It is wrong to say that developers are only responsible for writing the code of an application. Instead, blockchain developers might also impact user experience, workflow, content, brand reputation and much more. Make sure to find a technology partner who will also be responsible for design and deployment assistance besides coding.
  • Setting up Consultations
    A personal or audio/video conference call with the blockchain developer can help you understand if they can fit with your software requirements. The initial consultation should be free of cost and should focus on how they will implement your idea.
  • Blockchain projects they have worked on
    Ensure to go through a few of the blockchain projects to get an idea of the type of applications blockchain developers has worked on. The reason behind checking the portfolio of a developer or dedicated team is that it helps you understand how they implemented a methodology for successful completion of projects.
  • Ask about communication practices
    Communication is essential for a good relationship and a competent product. You should have a high-level communication from the beginning of the journey with blockchain developers for the better user experience of the product. Before hiring an expert, ask how often they can communicate with you on the progress of a project. Ask what channel would they use for better communication.
  • Check out approaches to project completion
    Understanding the approaches used by developers is also one of the significant factors for the success of your project. This factor fits the dedicated team of blockchain developers. In case you have planned to hire a team of blockchain developers, make sure to inquire whether they employ any development methodologies like agile or scrum.According to scrum methodology, the software is classified into sprints- bi-weekly development periods. It will allow you to share your thoughts with the team on the progress they are making.

Considering the points mentioned above will help you find the right blockchain talent. However, we have also come up with a list of questions to ask when interviewing blockchain developers.


What questions to ask when interviewing blockchain developers?


Here is a set of questions you should ask when interviewing blockchain developers:

  • Which blockchain frameworks you have worked on?
  • Do you have experience in public or permissioned blockchain?
  • Which technology stack you will use to build a blockchain-based solution?
  • How will you set up a development, testing, pre-release and production environment?
  • How will you integrate our existing solution with the blockchain platform?
  • How will you ensure the security of a blockchain solution?
  • How to manage the DDoS attack on the private blockchain network?

Here is a list of the best blockchain development companies:

1. LeewayHertz

Headquartered in San Francisco, LeewayHertz is one of the leading blockchain technology companies that comprise of 100+ blockchain developers who have expertise in working on multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger frameworks, EOS, Corda, Tron and Stellar. 

The team of blockchain developers at LeewayHertz has worked on 15+ blockchain projects and deployed 80+ smart contracts. Their end-to-end blockchain development services include consulting, UI/UX design, custom blockchain app development, STO development, deployment, maintenance and upgrades. They are not just focused on blockchain but are also specialized in AI, IoT, mobile and cloud technology. They believe in integrating blockchain with technologies like AI and IoT to make a smarter world.




USA, India, Canada, UAE

TraceRx, WeeSign, Armanino’s Trust Explorer

2. Altoros

Altoros is one of the top blockchain development companies that serve as a single point for information, training and services. They provide blockchain consulting to help enterprises understand the need for DLT adoption, development and deployment services to build industry-grade blockchain apps and corporate blockchain training to developers and executives. 

With expertise in delivering innovative blockchain solutions, the company deploys private blockchain networks for enterprises and startups using Hyperledger frameworks.

$100 – $149/hr



California, United States

Automating Bond Issuing

Abes Lab

3. ABES Lab

With a dedicated team of R&D experts for blockchain technology, ABES Lab focuses on researching and building blockchain solutions for the enterprises worldwide. They are specialized in a wide array of services, including Contracts Management and Execution, Sourcing and Tendering, Digital Supply Chain Management and Payments inside the ecosystem of partners and suppliers. 

The team of consultants at ABES Lab understands the customers’ businesses and provide the ideal blockchain solution to make business processes more effective.

$100 – $149/hr



Huntingdon Valley, PA

Enterprise Smart Tendering System

4. SoluLab

SoluLab consists of a team of blockchain developers who can develop custom enterprise blockchain development solutions for almost every industry to streamline business operations. The SoluLab’s blockchain team is specialized in Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education, Government and Energy solutions. 

Their blockchain development services include dApps development, security and tracking, migration and training, hot wallets development, smart contracts development, STO development, crypto exchange development and ICO launch.




NYC, United States

Blockchain-based finance transfer system

5. Espeo

Espeo Software is a qualified team of blockchain developers and experts who can implement custom blockchain solutions. Their team starts the development process with the consultation by analyzing the feasibility of a product, creating a prototype, develops the blockchain product with viable features and deploys it after auditing it thoroughly. 

Blockchain developers at Espeo have expertise on Ethereum, Truffle, Solidity and JavaScript and build enterprise-grade Ethereum based dApps and smart contracts system.

$50 – $99 / hr



Poznań, Poland, Dubai



6. OpenLedger

OpenLedger is an innovative blockchain services provider which is business-centric and focuses on building enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for enterprises and startups. With an emphasis on business applications, the team of blockchain developers at OpenLedger develops customized blockchain solutions and dApps on EOSIO, Ethereum, BitShares and Hyperledger. 

The company provides consulting, performance optimization and development services to enterprises and startups. With a team of over 50 expert software development and architecture specialists, their team is pioneering the edges of blockchain technology. 

$100 – $149/hr





7. Unicsoft

Based in the UK and USA, Unicsoft is a blockchain development company with 12 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects. The company provides a wide array of services related to digital currencies and blockchain. 

Focusing on the blockchain and AI, Unicsoft’s team analyzes the customer’s goals to boost businesses and establish long-term relationships with enterprises. Their services include ICO consultation, tokens development, smart contracts development and wallet development using blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Multichain, Parity, Hyperledger and Solidity.

$50 – $99/hr

50 – 249


Edinburgh, Scotland


The above-mentioned companies have a team of blockchain developers who are specialized in developing and delivering custom blockchain solutions. In case, you do not want to work with a blockchain development firm, we have researched and come up with a list of top individual blockchain developers who can also build custom blockchain apps.

List of Individual/Freelance Blockchain Developers

We have searched the top individual blockchain developers on platforms, including Freelancer, Upwork and Toptal where you can find developers who can launch ICOs, create dApps and write and deploy smart contracts. 

Based on their skills, experience and delivered blockchain projects, we have consolidated a list of few blockchain developers. 

Following are some of the freelance blockchain developers you can work with:

Deepak Shokeen
CTO at LeewayHertz

Deepak is a Chief Technology Officer at LeewayHertz and has been designing and implementing technical architectures for over last 20 years. He has consulted startups to enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. He helps companies in selecting the best technology, development tools and code standards for their specific use cases.

His Technical Skills include:

Distributed Ledger Technologies, IoT solutions, Mobility, AR/VR, Cloud


Amaury Martiny

Amaury is a certified and top blockchain developer on Toptal Platform who is working currently at Parity Technologies. With several years of experience in developing full-stack mobile and web apps, he writes open-source code and has worked on various blockchain projects for startups of different sizes.

His Technical Skills include:

Open Source, PostgreSQL, React , TypeScript, Web3.js, Rust, Ethereum, Node.js


Nicolas M.

Nicolas is an agile-trained and dedicated full-stack web and blockchain developer who has 12 years of experience. He is one of the top blockchain developers on Upwork and gets involved in the entire product lifecycle from ideation to development, testing, deployment and more.

His Technical Skills include:

PHP, Laravel, Vue.js, HTML, CSS, MySQL, React, jQuery, JavaScript, Apache, AJAX, Node.js


Jason Martin

Jason is one of the skilled blockchain developers on CodeMentor who spends more than 40 hours per week designing and developing distributed ledger applications on platforms, such as Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda. He has been building production applications using programming languages like JavaScript, Java and Ruby for the last 10 years. 

His technical skills include:

Ethereum, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Amazon AWS, Java, React, Data Science



As companies have started to realize the value offered by the blockchain technology, the demand for blockchain developers is off the charts. If you don’t want to be left behind by the competition, you need to work with the right blockchain talent who can convert your idea into reality. We hope our article would help you make an informed decision while hiring an individual blockchain developer or a dedicated team of blockchain developers like ours.


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