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Hire blockchain developers skilled in building decentralized applications for blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Stellar, Tezos, Neo, etc. Our full-stack in-house blockchain developers can work in your timezone and qualify for our Silicon Valley Caliber Vetting Process.

Blockchain Developers

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Services Offered by Our Blockchain Developers

Our blockchain developers are experts in building a wide array of blockchain applications, including smart contracts, industry-specific dApps, stablecoins and blockchain wallet apps.

Blockchain Consulting & POC Services

Blockchain Consulting & POC

Hire blockchain developers to integrate blockchain technology with business processes from blockchain MVP development to smart contract audit. Boost your operational efficiency and productivity with prior execution of POC for your business use case.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Hire blockchain developers for dApps, smart contracts, EOS, and Golang development that help you capitalize on blockchain opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency Development

Our blockchain developers have a good understanding of the terminology and operating procedures for various cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Wallets Development

Blockchain Wallets Development

Get hold of your cryptocurrency portfolio with our wallet development that is flexible, secure and safe. Our development follows security fundamentals that allow you to do more non-custodial or hardware wallets.

Multi Chain Development

Multi Chain Development

Our team of experts is at the forefront of multichain innovations and is always up-to-date with the latest trends. We can help you build an ecosystem that meets your company’s short and long-term goals.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Hire our blockchain developers to automate business processes and agreements through custom smart contracts. We write secure and dependable smart contracts on Ethereum, Hyperledger, TRON, EOS and more.

Stablecoin Development

Stablecoin Development

Hire our blockchain developers who can create the right business strategy and develop fiat-backed, commodity-backed, crypto-currency backed and asset-backed stable coins with decentralized governance.

Decentralized Exchange App Development

Decentralized Exchange App Development

Our blockchain developers can create a robust and hack-proof Android/iOS or web-based platform to enable the real-time exchange of digital currencies and assets efficiently and securely.

Blockchain Technology Stack We work on

The key to productivity is choosing the right technology stack. Hire blockchain developers at LeeWayHertz to get a team with experience with various technologies and skills in developing applications using advanced technologies.



No one framework fits all; we know exactly “What is the right “blockchain framework and protocols to use! We work on Stellar, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, Hashgraph, Solana, Polkadot, Substrate, Cosmos, Tezos, and Avalanche.

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

There is no need to worry about what languages you can use for blockchain programming. Our experts cover almost all blockchain programming languages like Node JS, Rust, C++, React JS, Solidity, JavaScript/Jquery, Java, Golang, and ReactJS.



Hire blockchain developers from us to land on the right blockchain tools among the many available tools. We work on Web3.js, metamsk, Ethereum Geth, Truffle and many more.

Continuous Learning with LeewayHertz Blockchain Partner Programs

LeewayHertz is part of the following protocol developers’ partner programs for its Blockchain developers’ continuous improvement and learning.









Why Should You Hire Blockchain Developers From LeewayHertz?

Domain Expertise

Our blockchain development team has expertise in building blockchain platforms on various blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger frameworks (Fabric/Sawtooth), Stellar, Tezos, EOS, Tron and Ethereum.

Quick and Agile Development Process

We follow and implement the agile software development methodology to reduce the software’s time to market and deliver blockchain projects on time.


We ensure to keep all your project details confidential and do not share them outside and for that, we sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement to maintain integrity.


You can work with our remote blockchain developers with complete transparency in their daily work. Our developers do daily standups with your team to ensure that we are working on tasks what’s valuable to your project.

Our Blockchain Portfolio

 Fintech Software Development Work Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer Lending

Lend Money was looking to come up with a decentralized lending marketplace that should enable borrowers to deal directly with lenders. As of now, the lending process involves too many intermediaries, including brokers, auditors, and loan managers. So, they wanted a blockchain-based P2P lending platform that could eradicate the need for mediators by bringing trust to the system.

 Fintech Software Development Work Bringing Trust To Stablecoins

Bringing Trust To Stablecoins

The customer wanted to have a blockchain-based solution that allows TrueUSD stablecoin holders to audit their holdings by viewing the US dollars backing them in real-time. The client required a web platform that should display the count of stablecoins available versus the US dollars supporting those coins, which should be equal in number.

Big Brands Trust Us

LeewayHertz Clients
LeewayHertz Clients

Our Engagement Models

Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

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Fill out the contact form protected by NDA, book a calendar and schedule a Zoom Meeting with our experts.

2. Get a Consultation

Get on a call with our team to know the feasibility of your project idea.

3. Get a Cost Estimate

Based on the project requirements, we share a project proposal with budget and timeline estimates.

4. Project Kickoff

Once the project is signed, we bring together a team from a range of disciplines to kick start your project.

Meet Our Blockchain Experts

Akash Takyar
Akash Takyar

CEO, LeewayHertz

Blockchain Expert and Hashgraph Ambassador

Akash Takyar Linkedin
Deepak Shokeen

CTO, LeewayHertz

Blockchain Solutions Architect

Deepak Linkedin

Build next generation of blockchain apps. Contact Us Now.

FAQs for Blockchain Developers

What makes a Blockchain developer?

LeewayHertz ensures that developers are shaped with the best knowledge and skills before they are recommended to customers. Let’s take a look at what our developers are made of:

  • Ability to analyze and understand business results

  • Good at interoperability

  • Expertise gained through working with blockchains.

  • Learning about different platforms and navigating between them.

  • Learning the art and the ability to simplify the process.

Do you sign NDA?

You don’t need to be worried as long as you contact us. To ensure your idea is protected, we follow strict NDA guidelines. Each party will sign an NDA to protect their assets and rights.

What are the best practices your blockchain developers follow?

Our USP is to not compromise on quality and ensure customer satisfaction at all stages. LeewayHertz follows a simplified development process where the project is managed in an agile approach from the beginning through the development stage to the final implementation, testing, and customer support.

From which niches can we take blockchain developers for hire?

Our blockchain developers are specialized in a wide array of industry verticals that cater to all kinds of startups and enterprises.

Are your blockchain developers flexible to existing systems or tools?

Yes! Our standard approach has been to make our end-of services as flexible as possible for our clients. Many of our clients already had a website or app and needed us to help them upgrade their systems.


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