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Smart contracts are digital protocols created for validating conditions of a legal contract between two or more parties. Smart Contracts are essential because they provide:


Smart Contracts are triggered automatically at an event


More than one copy of data is stored at different ledgers


Once deployed, smart contracts are autonomous and independent


Removal of the third-party ensures cost saving


Transparent and visible to anyone



Along being faster and cheaper, smart contacts lower the possibility of manual errors

Our Smart Contracts Development Services

Smart Contract Architecture

As the computer-based protocol requires a bug-free workflow, we implement the best practices to create smart contract architecture.

Smart Contract Design and Development

Smart contracts developers design it with customized features adaptable to any industry.

Smart Contract Audit

We offer smart contract validation services to provide a smart contract free from bugs and breaches.

Smart Contracts Optimization

We optimize smart contracts before deployment to help clients save Ethereum gas.

LeewayHertz deployed 80+ Smart Contracts on


Adbank, Thorpay, Bitcoiin are few of our Ethereum smart contracts enabled recognized platforms.


Hedera Hashgraph

We have deployed Hedera Smart Contracts for EarthID, a blockchain identity platform, and HashLend, a peer to peer lending platform.



TraceRx and ITF are our renowned Hyperledger smart contract based platforms.



LeewayHertz has deployed EOS smart contracts for their application, NewsTrek.

Our Blockchain Smart Contracts Focused Industries



Smart Contracts enable ownership of patients data by offering controlled data disclosure to every involved member of the network.


Smart contracts allows every member involved in the blockchain platform to measure the impact of social impact at every step of the process.


Smart Contracts in Media industry ensures content’s ownership and fair evaluation along with the elimination of intermediaries.


Identity Management

By enabling control over the identity and personal information, blockchain identity management allows people to create a self-sovereign identity.


LeewayHertz has deployed Blockchain on supply chain which offers an updated and validated shared ledger with each network participant.


Integrating Blockchain to the current P2P lending system can reduce delays, make quick approvals, eliminate the need for middlemen, and bring transparency.

Blockchain Smart Contracts Development Explained

The self-executing coded contracts written by smart contract developers, automate business processes and bring trust in a transaction.

smart contracts development

Our Smart Contracts Development Process

Requirement Gathering

  • Understanding the requirements for New and Existing Application
  • Identify business logic to be migrated to Smart Contracts
  • Roadmap of the product

Team Members

  • Solutions Specialist
  • Technical Lead
  • Business Analyst
  • Solidity Consultant


  • NDA
  • Use Cases
  • Proposal for Technical Design

Technical Design

  • Smart Contracts Definition Document
  • Create Data Flow diagrams
  • Design technical Architecture
  • Document technical GDPR compliance requirement
  • Create sprints and delivery milestones

Team Members

  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Solidity Architect
  • Developers


  • Flow diagram
  • System blueprint
  • Epics and User stories
  • Document scalability and security requirements


  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Release Candidate
  • Production

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Source code
  • Smart Contracts
  • Builds
  • Test Blockchain Deployment


  • Provisioning
  • Deploy on Main Network

Team Members

  • DevOps
  • Quality Assurance
  • Delivery Manager


  • Main Network Release
  • Rollout execution


  • Requirements gathering
  • Backlog prioritization

Team Members

  • Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Team Leads
  • Scrum Master
  • Technical Architect


  • Upgrades Smart Contracts
  • Deploy new contracts


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