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Stellar Blockchain Development Company

We help you tap into the unmatched speed and scalability of Stellar with our comprehensive Stellar blockchain development services. We leverage various Stellar offerings, like Horizon API, Stellar Wallet SDK and Soroban, to build feature-rich decentralized applications, smart contracts and solutions for diverse needs. We seamlessly connect your solutions with the broader Stellar ecosystem using the relevant Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs), ensuring frictionless cross-border transactions and efficient digital asset trading.

Stellar Blockchain Development Company

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Our Stellar Blockchain Development Services

Stellar Blockchain

Stellar Consulting

Our experienced consultants offer expert guidance on the latest Stellar developments, including Stellar Protocol 20 and Soroban smart contracts, for seamless project development. We also provide assistance in navigating Stellar’s comprehensive development tools, ensuring a compliant and future-proof solution from concept to implementation.


Stellar dApp Development

We leverage Stellar SDKs, Horizon API and other Stellar development tools to build decentralized applications on the Stellar network. Our expertise in SEPs like SEP-0007 and SEP-0024 enables us to seamlessly develop highly secure and interoperable dApps suited for diverse use cases across industries.


Stellar Token Development

By transforming both real-world and virtual assets like fiat currencies and loyalty points into digital tokens, we ensure their seamless integration with the Stellar network for faster transactions. We ensure that our tokenization process aligns with SEP-0008 standards for regulated assets to ensure the tokens’ security and compliance.


Stellar Wallet Development

We build secure Stellar wallets that can store any digital currency. Our developers leverage SEPs like SEP-24 and SEP-31 and the Stellar Wallet SDK to integrate fast on-and-off ramping functionalities into your wallet application. This empowers users with global payments and access to a variety of Stellar assets.

stellar smart contracts

Stellar Smart Contract Development

We leverage Soroban, enabled by Protocol 20, to build highly sophisticated and secure smart contracts for a wide range of use cases, from tokenized securities to escrow services and DeFi applications. Our developers are proficient in Rust and WASM-supported languages, ensuring a seamless development process.


Stellar Maintenance and Upgrade

Ensure seamless operation of your Stellar applications with our expert maintenance and upgrade services. We proactively monitor network updates and protocol upgrades to keep the deployed solutions up-to-date and running smoothly. Our team efficiently implements necessary changes, minimizing downtime and maximizing the performance of your Stellar solutions.

Our Stellar Blockchain Solutions


Cross-border Payments

Our Stellar blockchain solution for cross-border payments ensure frictionless and fast transactions with reduced turnaround time.


Asset Management

Using our Stellar-based asset management solution, you can transfer, exchange and track your assets in real time, ensuring there is no scope for data manipulation.



Our Stellar remittance solution offers quick and traceable transactions by directly connecting to licensed fiat acceptance and distribution partners called Anchors.


Global Trade

Smart contracts built by our Stellar developers can ensure speedy and trustworthy global trade, facilitating streamlined shipping of goods and assets with automated settlement.


Payment and Money

Utilizing our Stellar blockchain payment solutions, you can conduct frictionless, peer-to-peer transactions worldwide, ensuring higher security and transparency.


Asset-backed Token

Leverage our Stellar blockchain development solutions to implement asset-backed tokens that can be stored safely on the Stellar blockchain.

Stellar Development Tools

Stellar SDKs

Stellar SDKs

Stellar offers SDKs in multiple programming languages, including JavaScript, Java, Go, and Python. These SDKs provide developers with the necessary tools to interact with the Stellar network, making it easier for them to integrate Stellar’s capabilities into their applications.

Horizon API

Horizon API

Horizon is a client-facing API server that allows checking accounts, submitting transactions, and subscribing to events. Applications based on the Stellar interact with the network through Horizon.

Stellar Laboratory

Stellar Laboratory

Stellar Laboratory is a web-based tool allowing developers to interact with the Stellar network. It provides a user-friendly interface for building, testing, and debugging transactions and operations on the network.

Federation Server

Federation Server

A Federation protocol server is designed to be dropped into the existing infrastructure. It can be configured to take out the data it needs from the existing SQL database.

Why Build on Stellar?

Quick and easy transactions

Quick and Easy Transactions

Instantaneous transactions can be carried out from anywhere, greatly reducing inconveniences caused by transaction delays.

Optimal payment solutions

Optimal Payment Solutions

By enabling low-cost transactions, the Stellar network guarantees optimal payment solutions.

Transactions with traceability

Transactions With Traceability

Every transaction is quickly and easily traceable, which ensures a higher level of transparency and accountability within the ecosystem.

Codes with auditability

Codes With Auditability

Leverage the benefits of smart contracts and create payment solutions that are secure and trackable.

Blockchain Protocols We Work On

EOS blockchain development


An open-source blockchain network that operates on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and is designed for smart contracts and Decentralized Applications (dApps).



A public blockchain designed to facilitate fast and low-cost cross-border transactions, bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency.



A decentralized blockchain that aims to build a network of interconnected blockchains, allowing for scalability and interoperability between different blockchain ecosystems.



A high-performance blockchain known for its high transaction speed and scalability. It uses a consensus mechanism called Proof of History and is suitable for building fast and efficient dApps.

 Polkadot blockchain development


A blockchain protocol that facilitates interoperability among various blockchains, enabling them to perform transactions and exchange messages with each other without a trusted third party.

NEAR Protocol blockchain development

NEAR Protocol

NEAR is a smart contract-capable layer 1 blockchain for building next-generation decentralized applications. It’s built to be user-friendly, performant, secure, and infinitely scalable.



Polygon is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, enhancing its scalability by providing faster and cheaper transactions. Developers can build dApps on Polygon while benefiting from Ethereum’s security.



A proof-of-stake blockchain platform designed for security, scalability and sustainability. Its layered architecture provides a flexible and robust infrastructure for building dApps and smart contracts.

Hyperledger blockchain development


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains to build enterprise-grade blockchain apps

Hedera blockchain development


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT solution for building EVM compatible, high speed blockchain solutions.

Why Choose LeewayHertz for Stellar Blockchain Development Services?

Extensive experience

Extensive Experience

Having worked on 50+ blockchain projects, we understand the Stellar blockchain and ensure that you get the best Stellar blockchain development services for your business.

Agile approach

Agile Approach

Our team of experts follows the agile methodology, which allows them to respond instantly to even the slightest changes. We are open to reconsidering our work strategy to meet any new demand.

An expert in-house development team

An Expert in-house Development Team

We have a strong in-house team of Stellar blockchain developers with deep skills and experience to accomplish complex blockchain projects with the latest technologies and tools.

Secure process


We are a trusted Stellar blockchain development company that employs the best coding and development practices to maintain data privacy and security.

Big Brands Trust Us


Our Engagement Models

Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Stellar the ideal choice for my project?

Stellar presents several advantages for those aiming to build applications and solutions using the platform:

  • Fast and low-cost transactions: Enables quick and inexpensive transactions, ideal for various financial use cases. This is particularly useful for cross-border payments, where fees can be high with traditional methods.
  • Scalability: Designed to manage a high volume of transactions efficiently.
  • Security: Built with robust security features to safeguard user assets and data.
  • Decentralization: Offers a decentralized network with no single point of failure.
  • Rich development toolkit: Provides a comprehensive set of tools and resources for developers, such as Stellar SDKs, Horizon API, and Stellar Laboratory, simplifying development and integration.
  • Interoperability: Supports SEPs, which define standardized ways for different services to interact seamlessly on the network. This allows for easier integration with existing financial infrastructure.
How are your Stellar blockchain development services beneficial for my business?

The digital currency market has seen a dramatic boost in recent years. This growth is primarily due to its viability, security, privacy, and transparency. Blockchain technology has played a significant role in this growth. Stellar, an open-source platform for blockchain development, is the perfect choice for developers and businesses, allowing them to harness blockchain technology and take advantage of its incredible features cost-effectively. With our extensive expertise in Stellar development, we empower your business to innovate, streamline operations, and create value for your stakeholders with diverse solutions.

Does LeewayHertz use Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEPs) in their development process?

Absolutely! LeewayHertz, as a Stellar blockchain development company, recognizes the importance of SEPs in building robust and interoperable solutions on the Stellar network. Our developers are well-versed in various SEPs, including:

  • SEP-0001: Stellar Info File: We adhere to the SEP-0001 standards to create and host stellar.toml files that store essential information about Stellar integrations, including currency, organization and contact information.
  • SEP-0005: Key Derivation Methods: Our expertise in key derivation ensures secure key storage and seamless movement of keys between wallets and applications within your Stellar solution.
  • SEP-0006 & SEP-0024: Deposit/Withdrawal APIs: We develop solutions that leverage both SEP-0006 (API-based) and SEP-0024 (hosted) standards for efficient deposit and withdrawal interactions between anchors and wallets.
  • SEP-0007: URI Scheme for Delegated Signing: Our developers can integrate SEP-0007 to enable secure delegated signing, allowing users to sign transactions through their trusted wallets without revealing private keys.
  • SEP-0010: Stellar Authentication: We utilize SEP-0010 to establish secure user authentication for Stellar accounts, including shared or pooled accounts within your application.
  • SEP-0012: KYC API: Our KYC compliance expertise extends to SEP-0012, allowing seamless integration for sharing KYC data and user information with anchors and other services.
  • Other Notable SEPs: Our developers stay up-to-date on the evolving SEP landscape and can integrate relevant SEPs like SEP-0020 (Validator Self-Verification) and SEP-0030 (Account Recovery) based on your specific project requirements.

By leveraging SEPs, LeewayHertz ensures your Stellar solutions are not only functional but also interoperable with the broader Stellar ecosystem. This translates to a smoother user experience and a future-proof development approach.

How do you build apps on the Stellar blockchain?

Building an app on the Stellar blockchain platform involves the following steps:

  1. Installing the SDKs based on the technology we want to use
  2. Connecting the SDKs with the Horizon network
  3. Creating accounts
  4. Creating assets
  5. Defining transaction fees
  6. Executing transactions
  7. Creating a payment transaction
  8. Monitoring

To dive deeper into the process, read this article.

As a leading Stellar blockchain development company, we help you build decentralized apps on the Stellar network, regardless of the project scope or complexity.

Can I create my own dedicated team for Stellar blockchain development?

Yes, you can hire a dedicated Stellar blockchain development team according to your requirements and preferences. You can handpick professionals with the expertise and skills that align perfectly with your project requirements. This approach allows you to have full control over the composition and direction of your team, ensuring that they are fully committed to bringing your Stellar blockchain project to life.