Stellar Blockchain Development Company

Building Fintech applications using Stellar blockchain platform.

Stellar Blockchain Development Services

Developing Stellar Blockchain for Startup and Enterprises

Stellar Blockchain

Stellar Consulting

Having a team of Stellar Blockchain development experts, we make you understand the potential of Stellar for your business perspective.

Stellar Blockchain API

With Horizon (Stellar API), we can help deliver an enterprise-grade product. Our hands-on experience in building software including mobile, payment systems and banking tools.

Stellar Smart Contracts Development

Our team of developers has expertise in Java & Solidity and has developed 100+ Smart Contracts.

Visual and Technical Design

We build the fidelity user interface design, technical architecture, user stories and develop sprints and delivery milestones.

Why choose Stellar?

Stellar blockchain facilitates cross-border payments and digital asset exchanges quickly and reliably. We build banking tools, payments systems and mobile wallets with Stellar Blockchain.


A transaction on the network includes one or more operations like payments, offers and fees.

Transaction Fees

Nominal fees associated with each operation in a transaction is currently set to .00001 XLM (a fraction of a fraction of a penny).

Resolve Disputed Transactions

Transactions can be reversed on the Stellar network, freezing the issued assets is possible.


Stellar Blockchain offers the security at its best.

Stellar Blockchain Tools

Stellar Core

Stellar Core is the backbone of the network, which validates and agrees on every transaction status through SCP (stellar consensus protocol).


Horizon is a client facing API server, which allows to check accounts, submit transactions and subscribes to events. Applications based on the Stellar interact with the network through Horizon

Federation Server

A Federation protocol server is designed to be dropped into the existing infrastructure. It can be configured to take out the data it needs from the existing SQL database.

Bridge Server

Bridge server gives a simple interface for the Stellar network, which simplifies the compliance operations and other complicated integrations.

Why choose LeewayHertz for Blockchain Development Services?

Having 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, we at LeewayHertz understand the stellar blockchain and ensure that you get the optimum solution for your business
We have the team of top engineers, having the zeal to deliver quality-driven services.
Our team of experts follows the agile methodology, allowing them to respond instantly to the slightest changes. We are open to reconsidering our work strategy to meet the new strategy.
We have partnered and forged alliances with reputed providers in their industries.

Big Brands Trust Us

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