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LeewayHertz is the software engineering leader of the blockchain space. Our full-stack Stellar blockchain services and solutions bring transparency, efficiency and trust to every financial transaction. StellarPlus is our suite of Stellar Blockchain Solutions and Services that are aimed to help you leverage the potential of the Stellar blockchain platform and transform the business ecosystem.

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Business Benefits of Stellar

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Low Cost

Stellar is known for its fast and low transaction fees. The network needs a nominal fee on transactions and minimal balance on accounts. Each transaction charges a fee of 0.00001 Lumens and the minimum balance on accounts is 0.5 Lumens.

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High Performance

Speed is an essential factor in payment systems. Leveraging the Stellar Consensus Protocol, the network can execute 3000 transactions in a second. The high speed of Stellar helps businesses achieve maximum productivity.

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Integration Capabilities

Instead of replacing legacy systems with new technology, Stellar offers integration capabilities to ensure communication within the network. From remittances to micropayments, the Horizon API Server is the bridge between the Stellar network and blockchain apps that require access to the network.

Our Stellar Blockchain Consulting
and Development Services

Our team of Stellar Blockchain Consultants assists you in identifying how the Stellar blockchain platform can be implemented in your business use case.

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Network Launch Service

Our Stellar blockchain developers help you install and set up the Stellar Core Node and Horizon Server on the cloud services such as AWS.

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We build scalable Stellar blockchain apps that can integrate with financial tools using Stellar API Server. Horizon and various Stellar SDKs.

Our Stellar blockchain development team can help you tokenize your asset or currency by creating tokens that can be exchanged with low transaction fees.

We can create Stellar wallet applications that allow users to store, send, buy, exchange and stake crypto assets securely and quickly.

Hire our Stellar blockchain developers to get maintenance and support services after the deployment to ensure that the network is always up and running.

Our Stellar Blockchain Solutions

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Cross-border Payments

By providing a Stellar-based blockchain solution for cross-border payments, we help you experience frictionless and fast transactions.

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We provide you a solution to overcome traditional remittances issues by connecting directly to a network of fully licensed fiat distribution and acceptance partners called anchors.

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Asset Management

We can help you digitize traditional securities and develop new financial tools by providing a Stellar-based asset management solution.

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Global Trade

Transform the way you do international trade of goods and assets with the ability of our solution to manage trade finance and automate settlement.

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Payment and Money

Our Stellar blockchain solutions are designed to help you manage payments and money efficiently by ensuring transparency within the monetary ecosystem.

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Asset-backed Token

We help our clients to digitize their tangible and intangible assets and convert them into tokens easily and safely stored on the Stellar blockchain.

Our Work

Technology Stack We Use to Build
Blockchain Solutions

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Horizon API

Horizon is the client-facing API server for the Stellar ecosystem. It acts as the interface between Stellar Core and applications that want to access the Stellar network.

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Postgresql is an open-source relational database management system that is used as the database for the Stellar network.

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Stellar Core

Stellar Core is the server that nodes use to interact with other nodes to create and maintain the Stellar peer-to-peer network.

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Using Stellar Laboratory, we build transactions, sign them and submit them to the Stellar network.

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