Asset tokenization, issuance and lifecycle management for next-generation Finance

Digitize, issue and manage a wide range of financial products and transactions with our end-to-end digital asset management platform powered by Stellar.

Product Features

Change the way you issue, distribute and manage financial products by upgrading to our next-generation blockchain-native digital asset management solution

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Tokenization of existing financial products

Securely digitize your existing financial assets such as mutual funds, SICAV units, private equity funds, special purpose vehicles, debt capital market instruments, bonds, and other financial instruments.
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Customizable Issuance

Issue new securities in minutes according to issuer specifications by leveraging the flexibility of agile customization in asset issuance. It gives you the competency to react to market fluctuations quickly by restructuring slow-settling financial products.

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Peer-to-peer trading

Enable frictionless and secure peer-to-peer asset-transfer trading for your user base. This enables you to extend your digital asset offerings and unlock high liquidity.

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Automated lifecycle management

Provide your investors a digital dashboard interface to purchase assets, initiate asset transfers, inspect assets, view portfolios, manage shareholder rights and automate digital security lifecycle events.

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Efficient Investor Onboarding

Streamline the investors’ onboarding by facilitating secured and digitized KYC and AML operations, customized distribution rules, accurate auditing and transparent sharing of compliance data with regulators and other network participants.

Product Benefits

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Direct asset distribution

With peer-to-peer markets, distribute your products directly to investors, settle transactions in real-time and face no counterparty risk.

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Operational efficiency

Automated processes and blockchain-native data accessibility improve workflow and subdue heavy operational costs.

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Wide investor access

Reach out to a larger pool of investors by digitally fractionalizing your financial assets, and by offering low-cost asset issuance, secured asset distribution and blockchain-based asset tokenization.
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Infallible performance management

Recording of an immutable history of transactions maintains transparency and traceability of assets performance metrics. In-built analytics let you generate actionable insights from it.

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Built-in Compliance

The in-built compliance mechanism ensures your digital assets comply with all the necessary security laws and regulations related to asset management across asset classes.

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