Simplified Peer-to-Peer Token Swaps for Digital Currencies

Facilitate a frictionless peer-to-peer trading experience for DeFi users by providing them an unified platform to compare and select the best price for every trade.

Product Features

Stellar Markets is a new and innovative approach to peer-to-peer digital token swapping that allows users to access the best rates in the decentralized ecosystem

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Aggregated Price Information

The platform provides the on-stop aggregated price information sourced from multiple decentralized exchanges, individual DEXs, aggregators and professional market makers.

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Unified Dashboard

Provide your user base an intuitive platform to compare quotes, choose and swap tokens in a most simplified way.

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Provide your users the convenience of direct trading from their wallets by giving them the authority to retain the custody of their assets.

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Full Integration into your Product Stack

Cut down on your development cost and time-to-market by integrating our aggregator into your product stack. Also, enjoy first-class support from our team.

Product Benefits

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Attract More Users to DeFi

Simplified peer-to-peer swapping reduces friction for new token users enabling them to trade faster. This encourages more people to explore DeFi.

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The Best Price Every Time

Unlock greatest digital asset liquidity by providing DeFi users access to the largest selection of tokens at the most competitive prices.

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Fewer Approvals

Users are no more require to get their every token approved on multiple aggregators and DEXs for each trade. Fewer approvals shorten the path of execution for peer-to-peer swaps.

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Low Gas Costs

Determine the most gas-efficient aggregator for every digital currency trade (transaction) by sourcing the best prices across DeFi ecosystem.

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