Digital Money Settlement for Asset-backed Stablecoins and CBDCs

Transform global payments infrastructure with digital assets and composable money.

Benefits of Stellar Payment Product

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Easy Transactions

With an easy portable wallet and programmable money, you do efficient transactions in very little time.

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Seamless Integration

Make your payment platform user-friendly with our integration service. We integrate stablecoins into the digital payment network.

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Effective Mechanism

Reduce your cost and dependency on intermediaries by supporting peer-to-peer transactions.

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Collaborative Infrastructure

The payment product has a shared infrastructure that permits multiple stakeholders in deploying and developing the services.

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Quick Settlement

Our payment product will give you access to activate real-time settlement with zero counterparty risk.

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System Interoperability

You can easily connect with the current layers of payments and solutions.

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Smooth and Comprehensive Access

Create a universal mode of payment and accelerate financial access.

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Wallet Portability

With increased wallet portability, the vendor lock-in reduces. It helps in changing the wallet providers.

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Programmable Money

Effectively reduce the reconciliation and processing needs by configuring the payment and interest rates.

Features of Payment Product

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For Payment Service Providers and Commercial Banks
  • Get CBDCs
  • Process wholesale transactions with CBDCs
  • Regulated Wallet Operation
  • Distribution of CBDC to the general public
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For Central Banks

  • Alter your CBDC platform’s administration
  • Access to redeem and issue the CBDCs
  • Assure constant AML_CFT compliance
  • Get to monitor the issued CBDCs
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For Retail Users

  • CBDC wallet creation
  • Access to CBDCs
  • CBDCs’ transaction
  • Access to stablecoin and cryptocurrency payments

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