Stellar Staking

Leverage the revenue opportunities of the Stellar platform without the technical and functional complexities of running an independent validator.

Stellar Staking Made Simple

Stellar Staking enables institutions to stake without the technical and operational complexities of running independent validator nodes.

Features of Stellar Staking

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Stake and Earn rewards

Institutions can stake their XLM or their customers’ XLM and earn rewards on every stake.

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Validator Orchestration

For optimal performance, validator configuration, coordination and management are implemented.

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Customer Onboarding Tools

Customer onboarding and reporting tools show the account balances, rewards and technical statistics on one dashboard.

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Secure Vault Signing

A secure validator signing vault is protected by a smart signer gateway.

Benefits of Stellar Staking

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Reduced Technical Risks

Guaranteed customer fund security, optimized operations and reliable processes by working with multiple open-source and optimized validator clients.

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Robust Key Management

Ensure top-grade security with protected key vault and robust processes for key generation and distribution.

Software Development

Efficient Validator Management

Ensure seamless customer experience with dedicated support, smooth onboarding and continuous high performance.

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