Stellar Workflow

Automate and run your business operations using our Blockchain-anchored Stellar Workflow.

Automate and optimize your business processes

Optimize your workflows with our Stellar Workflow solution and protect your data against manipulation with streamlined information sharing, secure process automation and verifiable proof of execution.

Features of Stellar Workflow

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Multi-Party Business Process Execution

With verifiable proofs of execution, automate business processes among various network participants.
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Organization Registry

Using DID (Decentralized ID), manage the organization’s identity, provide verifiable credentials, communicate with other participants and record and share data on request.
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Data Management and Exchange

Design data privacy settings for various network participants, guarantee consistency of records, configure data format for your use case and store data locally on your business cloud.
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Data Anchoring

Anchor and publish public data on-chain. Share data with relevant ecosystem participants with verifiable proof. Regularly audit network activity and verify proof on-chain.


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Track Asset Ownership

Leverage the benefit of cryptographically secure real-time transaction audit trails.
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Define Permission Settings

Share data and permissions to users, organizations and ecosystem participants on a need-to-know basis.
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Enhanced Data Integrity

Eliminate manual reconciliation, avoid double entry and remove data silos.
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Consistency of Records

Guaranteed data consistency and alignment across business processes and ecosystem participants.
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Complete Product Offerings and Support

Implement our software to your tech stack and get complete support from infrastructure and protocol to business case-specific applications.
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System Interoperability

Connect blockchain solutions to existing business systems and wider networks.

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