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Using Blockchain
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Armanino, one of the largest business consulting and accounting firms in the United States, approached us to develop a web portal that could fetch the circulation supply of TrueUSD stablecoins and collateral supporting it in real-time.

How TrustExplorer Works

The client wanted to build users’ trust in the TrueUSD stablecoints. We launched a cluster of Ethereum nodes to fetch data related to wallet balances and TrueUSD’s circulating supply. Our team used Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) to pull real-time data from the trust company that handles the custody of TrueUSD holders’ US dollar deposits.

TrustExplorer can aggregate the total escrowed dollars held with the custodian and show it on right hand side of the web portal.

Impact of TrustExplorer on Investors
and TrueUSD Issuers


Transparency in the circulation of stablecoins


Features of TrustExplorer

Search TrueUSD balance

TrueUSD user can search their TrueUSD balance from
TrustExplorer via Armanino node and Etherscan

Access the real-time circulation
supply of TrueUSD coins

TrueUSD users can fetch the real-time circulating supply of
TrueUSD stablecoins in the market and verify the US dollar
deposits stored with the custodian to support the
TrueUSD coins

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