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AI-based Project Proposal Generator

Our innovative ZBrain app, customized for a leading consulting company, streamlines and automates the creation of high-quality project proposals, elevating the overall efficiency and precision of the firm’s consulting workflow.

AI-based Project Proposal Generator

The Requirement

The consulting company recognized the need to automate its project proposal development process. The challenge was to efficiently handle specific information from clients, such as the target company, type of proposal, stakeholders involved, and company details. The goal was to develop an AI-driven solution that could automatically generate project proposals to improve the overall efficiency and workflow of the firm.

The Solution

LeewayHertz developed an innovative proposal development app for the consulting company using ZBrain. This comprehensive AI app seamlessly integrated a dynamic knowledge base created from the firm’s existing proposals with an LLM. Through intelligent prompt engineering and the implementation of NeMo Guardrails, the solution ensured the generation of high-quality, contextually relevant proposals. The result was an efficient app that excelled in drafting personalized proposals by adeptly collecting crucial details, including client names, company specifics, and team-related data, contributing to the creation of proposals precisely aligned with users’ unique needs.

Benefits the App Delivered

Efficient Proposal Development:

The AI app streamlined the company’s project proposal development process, saving valuable time and resources.

Tailored Proposals:

The app excelled in drafting personalized proposals and collecting crucial details through a conversational approach.

Enhanced Data Accuracy:

Structured and conversational data gathering improved accuracy, ensuring proposals were based on precise and relevant inputs.

Enhanced Security Measures:

Integration of OAuth and Azure AD provided an extra layer of protection, ensuring only authorized team members accessed the system, contributing to a fortified security infrastructure.

Final Product

Technologies Used