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We are a mHealth app development company with cross-functional solutions to improve medical care and patient services. Our mHealth App Development Services include the development of health information exchange apps, telemedicine apps, fitness tracking apps, hospital management apps and many other apps related to the healthcare industry.

mhealth app development

Key benefits of mHealth Apps Development

mhealth app development

Enhanced Medication Adherence

mHealth Apps remind patients to take medicines on time with automated medication, educational information and refill reminders. It ensures medication adherence while reducing hospital readmissions and poor outcomes.
mhealth app development

Enables Remote Patient Monitoring

With mHealth apps, doctors can remotely monitor patients’ condition from the data captured via wearable devices, such as fitness trackers, wrist bands and watches.
mhealth app development

Improves Provider Communication

mHealth technology enhances the ability to connect across the health system and allow physicians, patients and hospital staff to communicate using secure texting and messaging, video calls and mobile health record access.
mhealth app development

Enhances Physician Efficiency

mHealth apps can reduce the burden on physicians by providing them access to patient medical history with minimal errors. With access to patient’s information, doctors can quickly diagnose them and treat more patients in a day.

Our mHealth App Development Services

remote patient monitoring software

Health Information Exchange Apps

We build apps that allow the secure health information exchange of data and medical imagery to support clinical decisions. Using health information exchange apps, health records can be exchanged between patients and care providers seamlessly.
remote patient monitoring software

Telehealth App

We develop telehealth apps for patients and doctors that allow them to interact remotely via video or voice chat. By building telehealth applications, we help doctors have a balanced workflow as they can treat patients from anywhere and anytime.

remote patient monitoring software

Wellness Apps

Our team of mHealth software developers builds a comprehensive mobile fitness app that helps fitness enthusiasts schedule a workout, manage a diet plan, track footsteps and get exercise recommendations from time to time.

Sensor Health Management Software

Remote Healthcare Apps

We design and develop remote healthcare apps that allow patients to associate their health information with providers and keep clinicians, nurses and family continually updated on patient health.

Store & Forward Telemedicine Services

Chronic Disease Tracking App

Our healthcare software developers deliver a chronic disease tracking app that is connected with other healthcare systems to monitor and analyze medical data about patients with chronic diseases and post-treatment recovery process.
Telemedicine Software Integration(EMR and EHR software Integration)

Hospital Apps

We build hospital apps that facilitate health organizations in appointment management, patient monitoring, inventory management and various other hospital-related tasks. It helps both care providers and patients experience a streamlined workflow.

Our Technology Stack

iOS Development

We design and build apps for Apple devices using our hands-on experience in iOS HealthKit, CareKit and ResearchKit.

Android Development

We build native and hybrid android mHealth apps for multiple android versions and devices.

AL and ML Integrations

We work on different mHealth apps that require machine learning and artificial intelligence skills.

IoT Development

We develop connected mobile health applications that work with smart IoT sensors and devices.

Our mHealth Apps Development Process

Web Application Development

Coding and Programming

Once the client approves the UI/UX design, we start coding the app using our agile development practices. We classify the backlog of tickets into weekly sprints to keep clients updated with the project’s progress.

Web Application Development

Product Discovery

Before developing an app, we ensure that mHealth apps fit your business objectives. First of all, we discuss how technology components fit together and discover ways to accelerate app development.

Web Application Development

UI/UX Design

Using rapid prototyping, we design an optimal user experience that helps you figure out what features need to be added or removed from the mHealth app. It helps healthcare organizations get a look and feel of the real product.

Web Application Development

Quality Control and Testing

After the coding is done, we perform internal and external quality control testing to ensure that the app is working the way it was intended. We implement different testing practices to deliver an error-free app to clients. 

Web Application Development

Maintenance and Upgrades

Our services are not just restricted to development or deployment. We also provide post-development services that include addressing new bugs, building new features and managing server health to control growing user traffic.
Web Application Development


We launch your smooth and new app onto the app stores and the internet so that end-users can use the deployed mHealth app and get benefited from seamless healthcare services.

Compliances we adhere to


Our mHealth apps that focus on providing educational information, using GPS location, recording the doctor-patient conversation, or using patients’ characteristics such as gender, behavior and age to provide counseling, are FDA-compliant.


Our healthcare data collection, processing and securing process is designed to follow all stringent GDPR compliance requirements. We ensure that every data that your app deals with is highly secure.


We implement the concepts and SaMD risk categories detailed by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum for building mHealth apps for the healthcare industry.


We adopt the set of international standards for sharing, integrating, exchanging and fetching healthcare information, as mentioned by the Health Level 7 organization.


We develop mHealth apps that abide by the HITECH Act to ensure that they pass all security audits for HIPAA based privacy and security rules.


We build HIPAA compliant mHealth apps that entail secure and confidential information exchange related to hospitals and patients.
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