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As experts in developing, training, and deploying generative models, we provide top-notch prompt engineering services to help you unlock the full potential of your generative AI models. Our dedicated prompt engineers have extensive experience in tailoring prompts for a variety of models, such as OpenAI, Imagen, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. With our expertise, we help you achieve the best possible results for your generative AI projects.

Hire Prompt Engineers
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Unlock the Power of Generative AI Models with Our Prompt Engineering Services

Elevate your users’ AI experience with our advanced prompt engineering solutions. Our team of skilled prompt engineers has a proven track record in tailoring prompts for various AI models, including OpenAI, Imagen, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion, and has in-depth knowledge of AI technologies like NLP and NLG. Deliver a seamless and efficient AI experience to your users with our prompt engineers.

Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and Consulting

We offer strategy and consulting services to help our clients make informed decisions about their AI initiatives. With our expertise in the latest AI technologies and our unwavering commitment to innovation, we help our clients succeed in the ever-evolving world of AI.

Analysis Service

Analysis Service

Our team of experienced prompt engineers works closely with clients to identify the tasks and activities their generative AI models need to perform. We evaluate all aspects of the project, including the data sources, the intended audience, and the desired outcomes. Conducting a thorough task analysis ensures that the resulting model prompts are tailored to the client’s specific needs and optimized to deliver the desired results.

Design and Testing

Design and Testing

Design and testing are critical to the prompt engineering process. Our experienced team excels in creating tailored prompt designs using advanced NLP and NLG techniques. We rigorously test the model’s performance to ensure it meets the desired outcomes. Our design and testing services ensure that clients receive high-quality prompt engineering services that are optimized for their specific needs.

Integration and Optimization

Integration and Optimization

Our prompt engineering team is highly experienced in integrating and optimizing generative AI models. We work closely with clients to create tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements and ensure seamless performance. Our expertise in integrating generative AI models with a range of systems and software, along with our optimization services, helps clients maximize the value of their generative AI models and deliver outstanding results.

Process Flow That Our Prompt Engineers Follow to Develop Solutions

Process Flow That Our Prompt Engineers Follow
Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

We begin by understanding the client’s requirements, objectives, and expectations for their generative AI model. We gather all relevant information to ensure that the prompt engineering is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and Consulting

We provide clients with expert advice on the latest AI technologies and innovative solutions and help them make informed decisions about their AI initiatives. We help clients formulate an effective strategy for implementing their generative AI models.

Design and Testing

Design and Testing

Our team designs custom prompts for a range of models, including OpenAI, Imagen, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. We then test the prompts to ensure that they are generating the desired outputs.
Integration and Optimization

Integration and Optimization

We integrate the generative AI models into the client’s existing systems, ensuring seamless performance. We also optimize the models to ensure that they are operating efficiently and effectively.
Delivery and Deployment

Delivery and Deployment

Once the prompt engineering process is complete, we deliver the final product to the client and provide support for deployment. We ensure that clients are fully trained in using the generative AI models and can effectively leverage their new capabilities.

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Our Artificial Intelligence Portfolio

Machinery Trouble shooting using AI
AI-powered App

LLM-powered Application for Safer Machinery Troubleshooting

LeewayHertz collaborated with a top-tier Fortune 500 manufacturing company to develop an innovative LLM-powered machinery troubleshooting application. This innovative solution streamlines machinery maintenance, elevates safety protocol adherence and mitigates operational risks of the firm. By seamlessly integrating static machinery data and dynamic safety policies, the application provides quick access to relevant information for troubleshooting issues while also enhancing safety with clear and detailed instructions on equipment handling.

Generative AI Application

Generative AI Application

LLM-powered App for Compliance and Security Access

LeewayHertz has partnered with Scrut to engineer an LLM-powered app designed to streamline access to compliance benchmarks, frameworks, and audit-relevant data for Scrut's clientele. Drawing on Scrut's proprietary data, our team utilized advanced embedding and prompt engineering techniques to seamlessly incorporate an LLM, yielding rapid query responses and upgraded user experiences. This initiative has equipped Scrut's clients with a robust tool, fostering informed decision-making and providing clear insight into industry benchmarks as well as Scrut’s risk monitoring and mitigation strategies and services.
Generative AI Application
Geospatial Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Geospatial Data Analysis

A US-based geospatial intelligence and analytics firm sought LeewayHertz’s expertise to tackle a complex dataset with limited identifiers, aiming to derive valuable insights, identify patterns, spot unusual movements, and ensure data security. Our solution involved deploying a sophisticated data analysis pipeline, encompassing timestamp conversion, geocoding for contextual enrichment, clustering for pattern recognition, correlation analysis, and anomaly detection. Beyond unveiling intricate location-based patterns, our approach prioritized robust data security, resulting in the delivery of actionable intelligence that precisely met our client's objectives.
GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

Generative AI Solution

GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

A GenAI-based clinical decision support system tailored for an esteemed healthcare organization that analyzes diverse patient data using advanced algorithms and NLP to provide healthcare professionals with swift and accurate disease diagnoses. The platform’s user-friendly interface optimizes the diagnostic workflow, offering evidence-driven insights and comprehensive reports that include discussions, testing guidance, therapy recommendations, specialist referrals, and patient education. This solution ultimately elevates patient care through the seamless integration of generative AI, fostering efficiency, precision, and innovation in healthcare delivery.
GenAI-based Clinical Decision Support System

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Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

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What is Prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering involves crafting instructions and examples that guide Large Language Models (LLMs) to perform specific tasks. It provides clear directions to these powerful language tools, enabling them to generate desired outputs or responses based on input prompts.

What industries can benefit from your prompt engineering consulting services?

Our prompt engineering consulting services cater to diverse industries, including content creation, customer service, healthcare, legal, finance, banking, and more. These industries benefit from tailored solutions that leverage large language models (LLMs) to automate tasks, generate personalized content, analyze data, and enhance productivity.

Does LeewayHertz offer ongoing support and maintenance after completing a project?

Yes, as a prompt engineering company, LeewayHertz provides ongoing support and maintenance services post-project completion. This includes activities such as monitoring and optimizing prompts for performance, adapting prompts to new data or requirements, providing training and support for internal teams, and ensuring that prompts remain aligned with evolving business goals.

How does LeewayHertz ensure the security of sensitive data during the consulting process?

Security is paramount at LeewayHertz, your trusted prompt engineering company. We utilize a multifaceted approach, including secure cloud infrastructure with robust encryption and access controls. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) protect confidential information, and we restrict data access based on need-to-know principles. Regular security audits and penetration testing proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust and secure environment for your sensitive data throughout the consulting process.

How does your company stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in prompt engineering?

Our company stays updated on the latest advancements and trends in prompt engineering through various means. This includes attending industry conferences and workshops, collaborating with researchers and developers, conducting internal research and development, and continually learning and experimenting with new techniques to ensure our solutions remain innovative and effective.

Can your prompt engineering consultants work collaboratively with our in-house team?

Our prompt engineering consultants at LeewayHertz have extensive experience collaborating with in-house teams. We leverage our expertise and your insights to ensure our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows and systems. This collaborative approach enables us to better understand your unique needs and challenges, ultimately leading to more successful outcomes.

Can LeewayHertz offer custom solutions to unique engineering challenges?

Yes, LeewayHertz specializes in providing customized solutions to address unique engineering challenges. By thoroughly analyzing your current workflows and data, identifying opportunities for large language model (LLM) integration, developing and testing custom prompts specific to your use case, and seamlessly integrating prompts with your existing systems, we ensure effective and efficient resolution of your unique engineering challenges.

What skills are crucial for success in prompt engineering, especially in a prompt engineering company?

As a prompt engineering company, LeewayHertz understands that success in this field requires a combination of technical and soft skills. Key technical competencies include proficiency in programming languages like Python or JavaScript, experience with web development frameworks such as React or Vue.js, knowledge of database technologies, and a grasp of cloud-based architectures. When you hire prompt engineers from LeewayHertz, you can also expect them to exhibit strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and exceptional communication and collaboration abilities.