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XDC Foundation, in collaboration with LeewayHertz, is set to transform the Global Trade and Finance space with sustainable blockchain products

LeewayHertz, a US-based Blockchain development company, and XDC Foundation, an organization supporting the open-source blockchain platform, XDC Network, have partnered to develop sustainable and scalable enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for global trade and finance. LeewayHertz and XDC Foundation collaborate with the common goal of expanding the XDC Network ecosystem. They are working together to develop and launch multiple blockchain products to eliminate the scalability and sustainability gaps in the blockchain space.

XDC Foundation, in collaboration with LeewayHertz, has recently released XDC Network’s product roadmap. Giving details about the development projects, Deepak Shokeen, CTO at LeewayHertz, said, “XDC Network is a future-ready blockchain with a hybrid architecture at its core. As a development partner, we have worked on the SDKs for XDC, and we are excited to contribute more to the expansion of the XDC ecosystem and bring real disruption to the Global Trade and Finance industry with decentralized, scalable and sustainable blockchain solutions.”

While some projects are in the development phases, the duo has already released many key deliverables like SDKs for iOS, Android, Java, .NET, and Go. The soon-to-be-released projects in the pipeline include XDC NFT dApp, XDC Explorer, XDCPay, XDC Twitter Archiver and XDC Governance Portal.

Bill Sebell, Executive Director of the XDC Foundation, said, “XDC Network is a sustainable blockchain ecosystem well-positioned to transform both international trade and the broader blockchain industry. Together with LeewayHertz, we are working towards releasing innovative blockchain-based solutions, which will contribute to the utility and adoption of the XDC Network. With each release, the XDC Network will generate more opportunities to integrate with legacy trade systems and find utility across various other industries, including sports and entertainment.”

About XDC Network

The XDC Network is an enterprise-ready hybrid blockchain, optimized for Global Trade and Finance. The network combines the power of public and private blockchains with interoperable smart contracts.

About LeewayHertz

Headquartered in San Francisco, LeewayHertz is a full-service blockchain consulting firm having diverse experience in development, consulting and promoting enterprise-grade dApps. The company echoes the motto of “You dream it; We build it.” With experience building over 30+ blockchain apps used by millions of users, they know how to convert ideas from concept to reality.


This press release is originally published in MarketWatch.



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