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Blockchain Development Consulting Company Singapore

We help you leverage the benefits of blockchain technology for your business applications with our complete set of blockchain consulting and development services.

blockchain development company in singapore

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

Our blockchain consultants in Singapore help you analyze the potential of blockchain for your business use case, identify the right blockchain platform that meets your requirements, create a POC and a roadmap for development. We have helped enterprises and startups achieve success with our ideation workshops, prototype design and blockchain POCs.


Strategy workshop and training

We provide you blockchain workshops to give you the basic knowledge about its potential applications and workings. We demonstrate how the blockchain can revolutionize your industry with case studies of our projects.

Quick PoC

We create a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the practical potential of your blockchain project within 4 weeks. PoC built by our team helps clients understand how their blockchain ecosystem will work.

Blockchain Consultancy

We assess your existing solution, identify the need for a blockchain solution for your idea and analyze how blockchain will add value to your business. We suggest the ideal technology and the possible solutions for the proposed project.

Blockchain Development

Once you understand the blockchain feasibility for your project, you can move it into development. We build and deliver scalable blockchain apps that will transform your business operations.

Our Blockchain Development Offerings


Smart Contracts Development

Our Blockchain Development Team based in Singapore has experience deploying complex smart contracts on different blockchain platforms, including Stellar, Hyperledger, Tezos, EOS and Hedera Hashgraph.

Asset Tokenization

Whether it is a digital or a physical asset, our team of blockchain developers can help you convert any asset into a digital token. We have helped many businesses unlock new avenues with tokenization of assets.


dApps Development

We design, develop and provide support for peer-to-peer scalable and secure decentralized applications for various industries, including supply chain and logistics, healthcare, startups, utility and fintech.

Decentralized Exchange Development

We understand how to create a robust and hack-proof decentralized exchange platform to enable the real-time exchange of digital currencies or stablecoins securely. The platform built by our team enables buyers and sellers to trade efficiently.

Our Engagement Models

Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

Blockchain Solution Platforms

Stellar Blockchain Development


Stellar is a decentralized protocol that aims to connect financial institutes and reduces the time and cost needed for cross-border transactions.


Corda is a blockchain platform designed to develop permissioned and distributed applications that deliver scalability, security and privacy.
ethereum blockchain development


Tezos is an open-source blockchain platform that can perform peer-to-peer transactions and is used for deploying smart contracts.
ethereum blockchain development


EOS is a blockchain platform designed to build blockchain applications that can process free and fast transactions.
ethereum blockchain development


Tron is a blockchain platform used to build high-performance blockchain applications. It aims to create a content entertainment system with blockchain and DLT.
 Hyperledger Blockchain Development


An umbrella project of open-source blockchain platforms to build and deploy enterprise-grade blockchain apps for various industries.
Hashgraph Blockchain Development


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT.
ethereum blockchain development


Ethereum is a distributed public blockchain network that focuses on executing the code of any decentralized application.

Blockchain Development Platforms We Work On

EOS blockchain development


A decentralized public platform that runs dApps

Hyperledger blockchain development


An umbrella project of open-source blockchains to build enterprise-grade blockchain apps

Corda blockchain development


Corda is an open source blockchain platform for businesses

Substrate blockchain development framework


Substrate is a blockchain development framework. We build relay chains, parachains, cross chain bridges and dapps using Substrate, ink! and RUST.

Avalanche  blockchain development


Avalanche protocol enables the developers to build custom blockchain networks spanning private and permissionless deployments

 Polkadot blockchain development


Polkadot is an open-source web3 blockchain network for enabling interoperability and interconnectivity.

NEAR Protocol blockchain development

NEAR Protocol

Near is a smart-contract capable layer 1 blockchain designed to support next-generation dApp development.

Hedera blockchain development


Fair, Fast and most secured acrylic graph DLT solution for building EVM compatible, high speed blockchain solutions.

Tezos blockchain development


An Open-Source Platform for Decentralized Assets and Applications

Featured as Top Blockchain Development Company

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Our approach to providing Blockchain Development Services


Supplychain Blockchain Development
We have successfully built a web-based application on blockchain for TraceRx. TraceRx is a Platform for Tracing the Shipment of Drugs. It allows the UNO to trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses.
Peer to Peer Blockchain Development
We built a blockchain-based platform that enables monitoring of stablecoins and allows stablecoins holders to track the circulating supply of escrowed assets backing those tokens.

Redefining Industries with Blockchain Development

LeewayHertz Healthcare Software Development Services


Blockchain in healthcare can help manage electronic medical record data by providing patients complete control over their data.
FinTech Software Development Company LeewayHertz


Blockchain in fintech industry helps streamline cross-border transactions, enable peer-to-peer payments and improve the credit scoring process.
Manufacturing Software Development Services Company LeewayHertz


Developing a blockchain-based solution for manufacturing companies can streamline operations and bring visibility across supply chains.
Retail & E-Commerce Software Application development

Retail & E-Commerce

Blockchain in retail and e-commerce enables loyalty programs and helps track transaction records and manage inventory.
Travel & Hospitality Software Development Company

Travel & Hospitality

Blockchain can streamline the travel industry by allowing travelers to track luggage movements and reduce check-in times.
 Logistics Software development Services LeewayHertz

Logistics and Supply Chain

Implementing blockchain in the supply chain can help drive supply chain transparency to reduce fraud and improve payment security.

Meet Our Blockchain Experts

Akash Takyar
Akash Takyar

CEO, LeewayHertz

Blockchain Expert and Hashgraph Ambassador

Akash Takyar Linkedin
Deepak Shokeen

CTO, LeewayHertz

Blockchain Solutions Architect

Deepak Linkedin

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