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Avalanche Protocol Development Company

Empower your business with the Avalanche protocol-based, highly scalable, interoperable web3 dApps and DeFi solutions for speed, top-notch security, and reduced overhead costs.

Avalanche Protocol Development

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Unleashing the Power of Decentralized Technology

Powered by the endless scalability and interoperability capabilities of the Avalanche protocol, our blockchain development services and solutions are optimized to help enterprises scale the global finance growth.

Our Avalanche Protocol Development Services


Avalanche Subnet Development

We help enterprises build and launch fully customizable Avalanche subnets similar to Polkadot’s parachains and other layer-2 chains that have the freedom to adopt specific business logic and implementations besides being validated by a core group of Avalanche’s validators.

DeFi dApps Development

With Avalanche ecosystem’s core focus on DeFi, we have trained our blockchain developers to build and launch client’s business-specific DeFi solutions and customized Solidity dApps on a range of prominent blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum and XDC Network.

Smart Contract Development

Our team utilizes Avalanche’s EVM-compatible C-chain to create powerful application-specific smart contracts. We also use advanced techniques like forking to make Solidity-based contract creation and deployment quick and hassle-free, saving a considerable project completion time.

NFT Marketplace Development

Corresponding to your enterprise needs, we create world-class NFT marketplaces with the best features, including an interactive user interface, storefront, cross-chain interaction, bidding and auctions. Additionally, we customize the marketplace’s features as required.

Web3 Wallet Development

Our extensive experience in developing customized web3 wallets helps enterprises create and launch a simple, secure, and non-custodial wallet that efficiently stores and manages digital assets besides serving as a web3 gateway to blockchain ecosystems.

Customized Blockchain Development

Leveraging the open-source ecosystem of Avalanche, our blockchain developers create and deploy customized blockchains. We further optimize the blockchain with virtual machines, interoperability and essential features to make it a next-generation decentralized network.

How Your Blockchain Project Benefits from Avalanche Protocol?

Open-source Platform

Avalanche offers an open-source and fully programmable infrastructure that you can utilize to build your blockchain-powered solutions and unparalleled projects, contributing directly to the growth of the network.

Designed for DeFi

Avalanche provides native support to simplify the creation and deployment of innovative web3 DeFi solutions and smart digital assets, removing technical complexities and usability-related barriers.

Speed and Scalability

With the combined benefits of the Proof-of-stake and snowmen consensus algorithm, Avalanche stands apart by processing 4,500 transactions per second and a minimal transaction finality time of 1 second.

Smart Contract and EVM Support

Avalanche supports the creation of customized Solidity smart contracts and widely used Ethereum tools- Remix, Truffle and Metamask, besides making dApp development and deployment faster with its EVM compatibility.


Avalanche features subnets, a custom dApp-specific blockchain that utilizes the main network’s security, speed, and compatibility, and it goes an extra mile to power the projects with interoperability elements.


Avalanche supports smart contract creation in the Solidity programming language. These smart contracts can expand their utility with various use cases like dApp development, cross-chain bridge development, and other digital solutions.

Comparing Avalanche to Other Blockchains

TPS 7 TPS 14 TPS 1,500 TPS Infinite TPS (using subsets)
Block Finality 60 minutes 6 minutes 60 seconds Less than 2 seconds
Energy Effiicient? No; ASIC-optimal No; GPU-optimal Yes; CPU-optimal Yes; CPU-optimal
Validators Count 12,000 (dynamic)
3 Pools w/ >51% hash rate
222,052 (dymanic)
2 Pools w/ >51% hash rate
Approximately 200
validating relay chain
Thousands of validating nodes
and still adding on more
Concensus Algorithm Proof of work Proof of work Proof of stake Proof of stake
Snowmen consensus
for chain-B and chain-C
Network’s Safety Threshold 51% 51% 33% 80% (parameterized)

Why Choose LeewayHertz for Avalanche Development Services?

Domain Expertise

Our developers have expertise in using Avalanche SDKs, protocol frameworks, ecosystem tools, programming languages and Dev docs required to build powerful dApps and DeFi solutions.

End-to-End Ecosystem Development

Our team has launched various ecosystem tools and frameworks that support end-to-end blockchain ecosystem development, providing next-level features that surpass the client’s expectations.

Wide Varieties of Projects

From gaming to NFTs and Metaverse, our team has worked on numerous web3 projects, acquiring profound expertise in working on any niche of projects on the Avalanche and other blockchains.

Solutions to the Challenges

Developing a web3 project like Avalanche may create major challenges such as customization and interoperability issues. With their problem-solving skills, our team knows how to deal with complexities to bring a viable solution.

Hub for Blockchain Development

We present an impressive portfolio with our one-stop blockchain development service ranging from a simple wallet integration to building a vast ecosystem consisting of hundreds of sub-networks and ecosystem tools.

Long-Term Collaboration

We abide by the best client management strategies to enable successful long-term collaboration with startups and enterprises. Our team keeps pushing up boundaries to discover result-worthy initiatives.

Technology Stack We Use For Avalanche Development

We use the following technologies to create smart contracts, NFT solutions, and futuristic decentralized applications on the Avalanche:




React JS


Node JS



Global ID


Global ID


Our Blockchain Development Work


Web3: File Retrieval Dashboard

FileCoin Dashboard: A Web3 File Retrieval Network Monitoring Dashboard for the FileCoin Users

A dashboard for the Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN) that lets Filecoin users stay informed on the performance of the best file retrieval networks. This platform helps to gather and analyze data from several data sources and displays real-time performance indicators on a detailed dashboard that is simple to grasp.

Software Development


Monetary System on the Blockchain

We built a comprehensive monetary system on the blockchain that facilitates the storage and trading of digital currencies into a wide range of crypto and fiat pairs across the globe, all from one simple interface. We helped our client redesign the user interfaces of their website, create the node monitoring dashboard, update the stellar core version, and provide maintenance services to ensure that the platform is up and always running.
NFT Marketplace Solution


NFT Marketplace Solution

We have built a custom ready-to-deploy NFT Marketplace Platform to allow users to launch their own NFT marketplace platform and drive users to convert their unique assets into NFTs. The platform offers seamless options for both technical or non-technical users to buy/sell NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Solution

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Digital Transformation Services LeewayHertz

Dedicated Development Team

Our developers leverage cutting-edge cognitive technologies to deliver high-quality services and tailored solutions to our clients.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Team Extension

Our team extension model is designed to assist clients seeking to expand their teams with the precise expertise needed for their projects.

Dedicated software development team LeewayHertz

Project-based Model

Our project-oriented approach, supported by our team of software development specialists, is dedicated to fostering client collaboration and achieving specific project objectives.

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